• Trump Issues First Veto
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Unless there’s like a 2/3rds majority in both houses, the President can veto. Hopefully this pisses off enough senators to actually make full use of our checks and balances.
Yep, so now it's time for the Republicans who agreed to pass the veto in the first place to overrule Trump's veto to shrug our collective shoulders cuz Trump's mad
Pretty much, yes. IMO there should be an exception for presidential veto when the subject of the veto is something that aims to stop the President from abusing their power. It's essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card. I know a supermajority can override it, but as we've seen that can be sabotaged.
Truthfully, I'm not sure why such a veto power even exists. It seems to undermine various tenets of democracy (unless I'm misunderstanding how it works); "Here you go, Mr President, we voted on something." "Nah." "Alright then, thanks, have a nice day!"
The veto was meant to check Congress, and the veto override was meant to check a lunatic POTUS.
IIRC, the veto system is meant to be a control the executive has on the legislative. In the event that a populist group got a slight majority in the houses, any damaging legislation that passed could get a veto. Kind of a different situation when the populist is the one in the executive, though.
The president should not be allowed to veto overrides
Originally the president's veto was meant to check on Congress from passing laws that violated the Constitution, but then Andrew Jackson started to use the veto against laws he personally disagreed with, and so the precedent has been set. The first veto Jackson used against a congressional bill was a law passed by Congress to create a highway between central Kentucky and central Tennessee. Jackson said that it was too expensive and vetoed it. At the time, it caused a massive uproar, calling him a tyrant and a dictator. Now look where we are.
Cool, precedent set. Now the next Democrat president can call for a national emergency on climate change and the house will be cool with it. gg trump
This isn't the end. Everyone, don't forget there are dozens of states suing Trump for the national emergency. SCOTUS still can shoot the damn thing down, even stuffed with Trump appointed justices. This congressional bill was just congress trying to prevent it on their end. There's still hope.
Unfortunately I don't think the veto cares much about the context of what's being vetoed.
Um, The only way to override a veto is to vote on it again. Now that the president has used the veto, congress can vote to override with a 2/3rds majority in both houses. Once that threshold is met in both houses, it becomes law. It does not visit the president again. This bill was just more of a formality. It was never going to be a real thing that came to anything and it will be resolved in the courts.
Our government is shit because the president can legally declare an emergency and steal money from the DoD when he doesn't get his bill through on normal terms
remarkably the world is still spinning, the republican party hasn't been sacked by angry maga hat wearing visigoths and trump managed to blame it on the democrats. what was mitch mcconnell so afraid of again? I thought he was the machivelian master of the senate.
I think Trump is so much of a wildcard with his actions and rhetoric that Mitch can't even figure out how to orchestrate the Senate to match the president's tempo.
no I think to someone who's used to such an iron grip on their caucus, the thought of his senators doing something that runs contrary to their president is heretical. He's well known for taking revenge on any dissenters in his party and has crafted this huge image of a master statesman but at the end of the day if the senators in his chamber ever decided to ignore him he could loose everything. he's a weak man who's craved power his entire life and by virtue of seniority in his party, not merit, he has achieved a tenuous position that he has only kept through continual rewriting of rules. A master statesman works within the system, he has to blow the system up to achieve anything.
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