• Trump says he sees no rise in white nationalism after New Zealand attack
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https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/434308-trump-says-he-sees-no-rise-in-white-nationalism-after-new-zealand President Trump on Friday said he doesn’t see a rise in white nationalism, despite a deadly gun attack at two mosques in New Zealand that killed at least 49 people.
Closing your eyes and insisting it isn't real doesnt reflect reality, you fucking prick.
Not surprised. The white terrorist sees no white terrorism.
We need to stop assuming Trump is ignorant and start assuming that he is intentionally waging a propaganda war against the American People. His eyes are wide open. He knows exactly what is happening, and it is in his political interests to accelerate it.
Given the attack was less than 24hrs ago, that deserves some leniency but there's definitely a terrorism problem worldwide. To say all terrorism is entirely linked to just white nationalism - well that's just naïve.
What leniency should he get???? The shooter was spouting POL shit and shooting up a mosque. The facts are out there. He has NO excuse to not call this an example of some nutcase pushing his white nationalism.
Can you point out where anyone argued that all terrorism is linked to white nationalism thanks. Arguing that its a legitimate and larger problem than anyone wants to admit doesn't mean that they're saying all terrorism is white nationalism.
The attacker espouses white nationalism, then that is a problem of the media, they should not give publicity to terrorists.
No one said all terrorism was linked to white nationalism but this one was, and here we have the Bigly Good Brain Genius saying it wasn't.
Or the maybe the media should spend less time painting muslims as some evil race of supervillains and maybe dudes will stop shooting up mosques I dunno
??????? ?????????? theres been far more than one attack
A couple of radical Muslim attacks across several years: ban all Muslims A MUCH larger string of white nationalist and other right-wing attacks in the same time frame, if not shorter: “Oh, it’s just a small group of people, nothing to worry about.”
I mean you're sort of right in that white nationalists have always been the most prolific terrorists in the west, and law enforcement ignoring them (usually because they are sympathetic to their cause) is nothing new.
Of course, it can't rise much more now that it's reached the ceiling
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ed/Murders_by_extremist_ideology_US.png What problem? I don't see a problem./s
No surprise. I think we've reached full saturation, it can't feasibly get any higher.
Oh shut up Trump. I had to live with one for almost a year. He was really fucking edgy and a dick and he was really open about his white nationalist behavior that it was getting close to racism.
"there isn't a problem because this is the norm guys! how's that wall comin' up anyway?"
If an ideology commands someone to kill innocent people at worship then that ideology is evil. If someone murders innocent people at worship then that person is evil. They alone are responsible. In fact, the journalists and the facts they uncover are often critical to exposing terrorists, hate crimes, and crimes against humanity. Take your bullshit somewhere else. The New Zealand shooter wore a patch on his combat vest with the same insignia as the Charlottesville nazis. During the Charlottesville rally a white nationalist murdered a nonviolent protester and committed vehicular assault against a large crowd. Both were inspired by a similar ideology and have similar goals. In Pittsburgh last year, a terrorist shot 11 people to death in a mosque and wounded almost as many. Just last month, a U.S. coast guard officer was arrested for planning a massive terrorist attack. All across the U.S. and throughout Europe, a new 21st-century fascism is coming out of the shadows. It uses much of the same language and symbolism of 20th-century fascist movements (framing all violence as a reaction to an imagined crisis for example) but now it has the added advantage of the ability to form pan-national coalitions via the internet. This was not an isolated incident. It's part of a larger trend.
thank goodness the fbi,cia,nsa,fiveeyes,mi5, mi6, and the rest of them are keeping those leftist groups in check, could you imagine a world where the socialists of america wasn't being heavily survailenced and they instead focused on neo nazis?
I see no rise in white nationalism says white nationalist holding highest office in the land
The man wasn't on any kind of watch list but I know that if this man was around in the United States, he would've end up on FBI's radar in a heart beat. They're usually pretty good at catching all kinds of terrorist before they commit these atrocities, but you can't get them all. We just need to be more vigilant. The man was a psychopath and clearly there are more out there. But we need to take what these posers and worshipers online that praise this madman with a grain of salt since most of these people are just flamers trying to stir up hate online like most trolls do since they get a kick out of it. Now I wouldn't know how all of them are really since I don't hang around on 4chan, but one thing I can safely say is we need to check on these folks to prevent domestic terrorism rather than pointing the finger at PewDiePie of all people...
The FBI and the justice system in general are pretty notorious for overlooking right-wing extremism. (Again, most likely because law enforcement is a fucking breeding ground for white supremacists)
Hes right, there is no rise, its the fucking became status quo now. The right talks about "the fall of western civilization" you know, they are right, they are the ones bringing it.
This is the general attitude I'm seeing online being spread by right-wing activists and those that platform them. "Don't say anything, don't do anything, just be quiet, the shooter wanted us to react". I guess it's easier than introspection. https://twitter.com/_ThreeArrows/status/1106518925016268801
A couple? There have been literally dozens resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people world wide. Islamic terrorism literally caused more death than all other forms of terrorism combined world wide in 2018. In fact, Islamic terrorism accounts for over 80% of the deaths from terrorism. (Source: esri story maps)
Do you have any sources? Specifically when it comes to Europe and North America, because I feel like there would be a lot of islamic terrorism concentrated to the middle east to inflate the numbers when talking about it world-wide.
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