• Trump supporter drives "build the wall" float past New Zealand attack mourners
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http://www.cleveland19.com/2019/03/15/trump-supporters-drive-build-wall-float-past-mourners-new-zealand-massacre-cleveland-city-hall/ LEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A vigil organized by Christians, Jews and Muslims at Cleveland City Hall to remember the 49 killed in Christchurch, New Zealand was interrupted Friday by a President Donald Trump supporter driving a “BUILD THE WALL” float. Mourners looked on in disbelief as the float rolled past the memorial blaring music. The driver, Robert Cortis, then made a second pass and played “God Bless America.” Cortis, of Michigan, is raising money through GoFundMe to support his nationwide “Trump Unity Bridge Tour.” Speakers, including Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, stayed on script and focused on the tragedy instead of the disruption. Mike Bush, New Zealand’s police commissioner, reported that 41 people were killed at Al Noor Mosque and seven at Linwood Mosque, and that another victim had died at Christchurch Hospital. A 28-year-old man, who reportedly wrote a manifesto filled with extremist propaganda prior to the shooting, was arrested and charged with murder.
Someone needs to set that hideous thing on fire
Fuck this unempathetic piece of shit and everyone like him, fucking scum of the earth.
I hate holding opinions like "my political opponents are monsters" because such arguments are usually super reductive and really don't help anything. But these people are just.. terrible.
It says all lives matter on it so you know what that actually means now.
Wretched piece of human garbage.
burning bridges instead of building them. Trump's supporters will not accept him loosing
I love how he's still made zero progress after all this fucking time and the jackass still has only this as his biggest campaign promise
All it ever was, was a half-assed attempt at appearing "centrist" by the far-right. Anyone who couldn't see that had already gone too far down the rabbit hole.
That doesn't even make sense. You want to build a wall along the shores of an island nation? Gotta make sure those brown people don't swim across the ocean!
"Yes, this is supporting my cause and not making me look like a massive asshole using a tragedy as a springboard for my irrelevant political beliefs."
They're just spreading the propaganda that claims terrorists are coming in from across the border. You know, conveniently ignoring that the terrorist in this case was a Westerner.
For some fucking reason this guy has a Wikipedia article He's been doing some kind of tour since October 2016 and he chose now to flaunt his Trump shrine in New Zealand. After some innocent people die. Real classy.
In the words of my great-grandmother: "I'd just like to get him down here and kick his ass 'till he fell down"
Yeah so are trump supporters done pretending that racism against brown people isn't a central conceit of the trump agenda or what?
fuck sometimes I wish america was just cut off from the rest of the world in terms of news I'm so fucking tired of seeing the absolute stupidity there.
Me too.
I could say the same about any country. It seems like news is frustratingly addicting.
Why wasn't he arrested and punished? acts like this here would have you certainly jailed for attempts at disrupting communal harmony. This is basically further proof that some people can't be trusted to look after themselves
Maybe the private sector should step in. Someone should go pay them and their float a visit.
I'm not hearing constant stupidity about any other countries president/political groups anywhere NEAR as much as the US
Please whatever deity is listening, burn this god forsaken scum from the inside. I am so tired that they think this is okay. I would love to see a Molotov burn this car down with the person in it. I do not care how mean I sound, how many times must we turn a cheek to this? Fuck him and everything he stands for. He is an enemy of the human race. He does not belong amongst us, he is a savage beast and I have no sympathy for him, and I wouldn't waste my goddamn piss on him if he was to catch on fire in front me. Fuck I am goddamn angry. I had a friend who went into a panic attack because when I told him about the NZ shooting, his friend was over there and he was at work and didn't know if his buddy was okay. Fucking brings angry tears to my eyes that innocent people who died are mocked like this. Fuck him fuck him fuck him. Sorry for my rant...just pissed and tired of it.
Imagine if that GoFundMe money was spent on fixing the US failing infrastructure instead.
The fuck will say it's a coincidence, that his actions had nothing to do with mourners gathering.
But if you do that, you'd literally be equivalent to the New Zealand shooter because they literally cannot tell the difference.
Can't wait for the slew of "wow what, do people want to step on his freedom of speech? what, you're gunna punch a guy who's just practicing his freedom? that's literally 100% way worse than this shooting, how dare they step on our freedom, its obvious the left are just acting out and using this as an excuse to attack us innocent hardcore rightwing racists facists inhuman scum who feel innocent blood being spilled for no reason is justified patriots!"
We're living in a fucking movie.
The fact that far-right fuckers like this aren't assaulted on a daily basis just goes to show how much better the people on the left are. I am 100% convinced that right-wing thinking just casts empathy out entirely in order for it to even make any sense at all, and that these people have no place in modern society at all. They are all disturbed and need therapy.
It really disgusts me how much offence the right is taking over this. Before they'd disavow the shooter as being right wing and move on... Now they're actively baiting the victims.
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