• Aussie Senator Fraser Anning gets egged and punches a teenager
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We're such alt-righters that the extreme right-winger shitposters on this forum keep calling us SJWs.
Just like last time http://puu.sh/D14US.jpg
Confused how everyone took "why are there so many alt righters on facepunch" as a complete generalization of the average user
What did you mean by it in the first place?
Didn't realize how recently I had posted that. You just phrased it in such a general way.
That you can't go into a single thread about some shitbag right winger in any country being a giant scumbag without someone trying to defend them
in fairness it's not really "so many alt-righters" it almost always the same people in any thread
Has Anning called for the extermination of Muslims or is this one of those 'anyone with regressive views is a Nazi' things? Not Australian so yesterday is the first I heard of the guy.
I just don't get it, they know they won't be taken seriously so why not just go to td or some other pathetic right wing shithole
He issued a statement after the shooting that basically says that the victims deserved it and the problem is them from come here and being Muslims, including calling the terrorist shitbag a "vigilante" like he's Batman or something.
"At Anning's rally today in Melbourne a supporter of his noted the Christchurch shooter was a 28-year-old and one of the "younger generation taking up the fight". Anning responded by saying the shooter was "a little on the crazy side, but yeah." " Seems like he and his supporters are pretty okay with the dude shooting people.
Oh, that guy- sorry, didn't make the connection. Yeah, I don't know if he's actually a fascist planning the extermination of non-desirables, but pretty hard to have any sympathy for a guy openly courting white nationalists. 'A little on the crazy side', jesus christ.
Saying that Muslims are invading your country is beyond "regressive views", this isn't a girl's grandpa being upset that she's wearing shorts, this is straight up facist propaganda https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109806/a83d2b01-48a2-4542-b48b-69eb843408e0/image(57).png
One of our PMs once got a pie in the face and he didn't start swinging. To be fair Jean Chretien isn't a neo-Nazi surrounded by angry racist goons but still https://youtu.be/FOXfbtWPZjw
This is the same guy who blamed the victims of that streamed shooting right? fuck him. he deserves a hammer to the face, not just an egg.
i'd like to provide background information on this guy since people in this thread are implying this piece of shit should be treated with some respect because he is an elected official. he was no officially elected, he received 19 votes in total. he was a member of one nation (pauline hanson, big embarrassment for the australian people) which received a lot of votes from queensland, enough votes for them 2 earn 2 seats in the senate. pauline hanson got a seat with 20k votes, malcom roberts got a seat with a measly 77 votes (0.00001% of the population of queensland). however during the whole dual citizen debacle it was revealed that roberts was a british citizen and was given the boot. this means that fraser fucking anning, with 19 votes, became a senator to represent a state of nearly 4.7 million people. on top of that: on day one as a senator he quit one nation to form his own independent party where he gets to spew hateful rhetoric for $200k a year. he absolutely hates muslims, if you didn't read his statement hours after the shooting in christchurch, he blamed the shooting on muslim immigration. he wants to close our borders to immigrants from third word countries, end all foreign aid and have australia exit the UN. basically he wants australia to be an isolated, white country that runs on good ol' christian family values. come election time this guy will be gone in a heartbeat, if he doesn't resign or get kicked out some other way before then. the kid who hit him with the egg you can see only pulled his phone out to egg him after he said a non-apology and then started saying that its going to become a normal, accepted thing for white people to massacre immigrants. he hits him with the egg and calls him a racist.
I think most people think such a response is excessive regardless of who is doing it.
There's also the fact that Sanders wouldn't be outright endorsing violence (and thus would be far less deserving of getting egged) nor would his supporters be as likely to use such disproportionate force as a response. Though personally I really couldn't care less about a politician getting egged in general anyways. Most politicians are utter garbage. Anning is just exceptionally garbage even for someone from the US where 99% of one political party is total garbage and 50+% of the other is.
I think it's fairly suspect that every time I see someone defending the reaction to the egging they refer to "assault", since the connotations of assault are a lot more vague and violent than "slapped with an egg lol"; it makes it seem a lot more justifiable when you distance from the fact it's literally just an egging, not hooking someone in the jaw.
In the US, yelling at someone in an abusive manner also counts as "assault". Battery is when it comes to blows.
The only other kind of violence that's acceptable is that which prevents more violence. This is literally the basis of society we know it, as any time the government uses its power to enforce a law it's using force and violence to do so, and there's nothing wrong with that. This man is actively trying to excuse the actions of a mass murderer, and is implicitly and in some cases explicitly encouraging others to do so, and he's not just some random nutter but a politician with a following in the Australian society. Violence against fascists isn't the same as violence against others. Violence against fasicsm is an attempt to stop further violence from happening. Hitler himself stated that the only way that he could have been stopped is if there was a violent reaction to his movement. Don't get me wrong, in most instances, violence is not the answer and debating and destroying a Nazi's views from the viewpoint of others will always be a lot more effective, but there is nothing morally wrong with violence against fasists, especially when it doesn't actually injure someone like egging them in the face. On the other hand, it is very very morally wrong to not only respond with multiple attempted punchs and then have 4 of your goons hold this twig down in a chokehold while they kick him.
If you know for a fact that someone is an irredeemable fascist and guaranteed to cause measurable human damage, then yes But that isn't how it works in reality. The whole point we have a justice system is so that people don't hurt and kill those who they suspect are threats. Extrajudical violence never settles who is right, it settles who is strong or more vicious. Even if you have legitimate reasons to try to wipe out fascists out of existence, the fascists genuinely believe they have a legitimate reason to wipe you out of existence among others. That's not a fight you want to start unless you're going to win it. And once you do, the justice system is as good as gone and innocents will be hurt.
The GoFundMe page raised more than $11,000 in less than a day and was nudging $30,000 by Sunday evening. Ms Brewer later posted an update to the page indicating that Connolley had committed to sending a majority of the money to the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack. a gofundme page was set up for eggboy, intended to cover all legal fees involved. he's committing to send the majority of the money to the victims of the attack.
Then we simply have to ensure we're going to win it. Tons of innocents have already been hurt, and they will continue to be until people put a hard stop to neo-nazis' delusions of power and unaccountability. I'm referring not only to the victims of the NZ shooting, but also to everyone affected by alt-right racist policies, such as Trump's abhorrent treatment of refugees at the southern border. We have to nip this crap in the bud before climate change fully kicks in and we start seeing what a real refugee crisis looks like. If that means not waiting for the judicial system to apply currently non-existent laws to tackle this, then too bad.
Fully-grown man with a security team of truck-built bogans is fully in the right to slug a kid in the mush rather than just have him thrown out... right. I thought we're meant to hold these shitcunts to a higher standard? Even if Anning won by an infinitesimal amount of votes, he is a rep for the people of his district, therefore he should be held to a higher standard, and that standard is not being a kid-slugging shitcunt.
Let me know how the pre-emptive civil war works for building a safe and peaceful society
You can hate the man all you want but getting smacked with a (rotten??) egg in the back of your head only to see some teenage logan paul lookalike with a smug grin and a smartphone in your face as you turn around. Gotta be honest I''d hhave smacked him too, might even have put some actual weight into it since you know he's more preoccupied with filming than protecting his face.
If a grown man pushes victim blaming in the wake of an attack they're gonna get egged
actually just show me an instance of Bernie saying "those muzzies deserved it" and i'll show you a guy who needs an egg to the face
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/17/full-force-of-the-law-should-apply-to-fraser-anning-after-egging-incident-morrison-says Parliament is gonna censure him too
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