• Aussie Senator Fraser Anning gets egged and punches a teenager
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And then on top of that not calling off all the goons that jumped the kid and started choking him out.
Let's be real here, the kid smashed an egg on his head while recording it with his smart phone for the Facebook likes and Instagram views and thought he would get away with it. Regardless of the politician's bigotry, I can't believe some people are actually hailing him as some brave young hero I've seen a few posts a few pages back saying assaulting people like this is okay and even encouraged because it fits their "interpretation" of a nazi. I hate the politician and his response to the attacks as much as the next guy but I can't be the only one who finds this acceptable form of violence horrifying As a side note when did this forum become so politically one sided?
He was egged, not stoned.
Apparently getting egged is only a short step away from outright murder to some people. Though disproportionate responses to such violence? Totally A-okay!
People hate the guy who blamed the victims for their own deaths. Wow facepunch why are you so politically one-sided?
The kid might have not gone the right way by egging him in such a way but the response was way to fucking much. Especially if you're a politican.
There are posts in this thread advocating punching them. Actual violence I hate him to. I'm referring to the forums as a whole lately, not with this specific case. Hence, side note
its an egg, not a hammer to the back of the skull
He once called for a final solution to immigration and he seems to associate himself with nazis.
what's with this jelly-legged bollocks where while the far right are out advocating genocide and shooting up mosques, the left have to act like absolute saints to have a point? people ain't stupid, you can see with the overwhelming reaction to this egging - being support for the boy - that violence isn't treated as an unjustifiable sin.
No one said murder, people have said punch however It's advocating assault. And even if it weren't, People are also advocating actual punching He's definitely scum and pretty shady to boot. But whether you like it or not, you cannot say objectively say without bias that he is absolutely 100% a member of the Nazi party His response isn't what I'm talking about, I'm saying the act of smashing an egg over someone's head (all around assault basically) should not be encouraged over discourse
Oh shit I finally get to say this. Alright, you ready? The world isn't as black as white as you think my dude. He seems to be comfortable around nazis and he's even comfortable enough with them to use their rhetoric. When people call him a nazi, a fascist, or any of the other words you're under the impression ~the left~ uses on everyone they don't mean he's a member of the nazi party, or that he's in 100% agreement with the nazi party. (Heck I'm not even in 100% agreement with the people I vote for). In fact, there are probably things that you or I agree with the nazi party on as well. You also seem to be forgetting that the modern day nazis aren't the nazi party and that they have evolved as well.
If he had just turned around and said "Don't be a dickhead mate", he wouldn't have looked so bad.
https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12213889 After the incident, where the Senator punched him and some men held him in a chokehold, "Egg Boy" was arrested. This prompted the creation of a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his legal fees (and more eggs), which has so far raised close to $42,000. However, the person who created the page said Connolly had got in touch with him and said that "he is committed to sending a majority of the money to the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attacks".
if you think antagonizing people is valid grounds for violence against them then how can you hear the nazi in public office say "i'm sorry to hear this guy killed 40 people but he had a good point you know" and not think he deserves a beating
He probably is and you're probably right but I'm trying to avoid the slippery slope of using the term "Nazi" for everyone that comes out with something even minutely controversial My post boils down to my concern that so many people are fine with assault as long as it's against someone that they don't like. And to the posters that said "it's only an egg" and have yet to get back to me when I pointed out punches have been advocated Do they agree with the people saying punching is fine? Or is it okay if it's just an egg? And if so, where is the line drawn for what is or isn't okay?
fraser anning is a fucken dickhead and he's said a lot more shit than something 'minutely controversial' He straight up used the term 'Final solution' in regards to immigration in his maiden speech, and he has attended far right rallys organised by neo-nazi groups. I don't like when people just throw around the term Nazi loosely but in this case it's very fitting.
It's not so simple a matter as "He's someone I don't like" The rhetoric he's peddling is exactly the shit that's motivating people like the NZ shooter. It's not just "controversial", it's actively threatening the lives of innocent people. And guess what, people fight back when their lives are threatened. Like others have said, an egg is quite tame for someone saying Muslims deserved to die.
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