• What's happening, and where we're going from here
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The Facepunch forums were down, the Facepunch discord is full of muted channels, and now there's this spooky new forum you're being directed to. What's happening? Facepunch was experiencing downtime, likely caused by Azure problems. The Facepunch discord is currently ran by Hezzy, who's no longer a Facepunch employee. The Discord server has been temporarily shut down, and will be handed to FP staff, and they'll decide what to do with it. The Facepunch forums are no longer under active development. Garry has expressed disinterest in continuing the development and upkeep of the forum. This is increasingly becoming a problem, as the forum is neither feature complete nor bug free. We are aware of devastating exploits, but we can't do anything about them. With the future of the Facepunch forums being anything but certain, the FP moderation team has decided to move over to Knockout. This decision has been taking place over the past few months, and today's downtime was the perfect opportunity to take action. What is Knockout? Knockout is a forum made to be a reliable replacement for the community of the Facepunch forum. It's designed with speed and functionality in mind, and will eventually harbor all the important features the community deserves. Knockout is still under development, so make sure you stay up to date by checking the #announcements channel in the Knockout Discord. You might come across unfinished or broken features. If you come across any bugs, or you have suggestions for new features, you can post about them in either the Meta subforum, or the #notpunch-software channel in the Knockout Discord. Knockout is not officially tied to Rust, Garry's Mod or any other Facepunch property. This means that we can't do anything to help you in any official capacity regarding any FP game. You'll have to rely on either the unofficial knowledge of the community, or official Facepunch channels. "I am not happy about this!" Nobody is. we all wish Garry cared about the forums. it's clear he doesn't, so we're trying to keep it going. We are being proactive to make sure that when this forum disappears, you all know where the community has moved. https://discord.gg/dzUhM3 https://knockout.chat
Knockout is the next step for the Facepunch community. We've all been waiting practically forever to hear whether or not the forums will shut down. Last night we finally decided to pull the trigger, rather than wait for the forums to wither and die until a decision is made. The Moderator team and I have been planning and discussing Knockout for the best part of 4 months. We're moving over to Knockout now, rather than waiting for the undecided plug pulling event in the vague future and we hope you will join us. I understand there'll be a few hardcore people who stay here, or people who come here for gmod / rust related stuff and that's fine. I know a handful of Moderators are staying so this place isn't going to be abandoned. It'll be up to the company to arrange replacements. The situation with the Discord is temporary until somebody from the company gets in touch with me to take it over.
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