• Transgender ban goes into effect
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Poor wording on my part, I didn't think you were saying it was a good thing and didn't intend to accuse you of saying such. But your statement is still extremely ignorant of the situation. Bigots want people not to bother, they want people to feel powerless, they want them to be quiet, unseen, and disorganized so that their atrocities can go unnoticed by the public at large. It's been like that for decades now. Please do some research before you start making blanket statements about what minority groups should or should not want to do in the face of oppression.
No, I wouldn't say the United States is one of the easiest places among English speaking countries. Among much of the civilized West, the United States has fallen far behind other countries like Canada and the UK, because of the influence of the barbaric GOP and their voter base. But otherwise I see your point.
He's just making a snide remark about the state of the Gov't. If you want to direct your anger somehwere, direct it towards the people that actually support this. You're just lashing out at someone for poor wording.
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