• Extinction Rebellion calls on protesters to block London streets
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Another thing about renewables is that things like solar and wind use rather large quantities of rare earth metals which are not so much rare as they are a bitch and a half to refine requiring large amounts of energy and creating large quantities of slag and carbon in the refinement process. Even if energy production goes 100% green people can't just forget the logistics and processes of the mechanisms required to harness energy. Nuclear doesn't have this rem problem and we can still harness energy from spent rods through recycling them through breeder reactors. Nuclear Proliferation Politics aside the energy question is profoundly solved by warm rocks.
Have no idea why, but I find that kind of interesting. Wish I payed more attention in school right now... So, basically, we're still not up to it because "nucular is bad!!!1" right?
It's very interesting because it pulls back the scare veil on nuclear. It's not really something you learn in high school. I didnt know until I got this job building these plants. The neutrons are what cause fission. Boric acid absorbs them so they cant hit other atoms which causes the reaction, and water also slows them down. It's actually REALLY hard to sustain a reaction, contrary to popular belief. Also, with all of the nuclear waste in the oceans (sunken subs, etc...), why do you think we dont have a huge radiation problem in the oceans? Because after a few feet of water, the radiation is stopped.
As much as I support what they're doing, staging a big protest when the HOP are in recess isn't really gonna do much apart from annoy the people who probably already support them
"All they're going to do is annoy people and push them away" has been said for literally every instance of civil disobedience, it really isn't that much of a problem.
... but not annoy the people they're meant to be annoying. that's my point, not that they're being disruptive - i'm entirely aware that's what they need to be to achieve their goal
boo fucking hoo?
They're not trying to directly annoy MPs, that's been tried many times and failed. They want to raise awareness and annoy everyone else into annoying MPs
I had a conversation about this protest with my god father last night and he was saying that they should have done the protest without disrupting people, but I tried to explain that the very fact he's talking about it is unfortunately why people have to make a commotion in order to raise issues like this, as our media and government are so bad at talking about things that are actually important when they're regarding science and substance, not political drama about who said what, etc.
Ah, wasn't aware this was just about general awareness, I thought it was directly a westminster protest. I'll take my post back - they're doing the right thing in that case.
So one of them shut down bits of the docklands light railway which is in canary wharf. I've been to canary wharf and let me tell you, you know that stereotypical business wanker power lunch fancy smart-phone briefcase and tie type? The place is fucking full of them, the same sterile business haircut and look, everyone has a thick sliver or gold ring and they have these guys who look like security teams but are actually glorified bin men patrolling the place to deter the rabble. Anything that gives those business wankers grief is good in my books.
The ones that are probably on facebook right now calling for the death penalty for protesters because they were 15 minutes late for work
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