• Finnish parliamentary elections end in a close fight
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/89/295100ab-592c-47df-96ad-a5518fed33de/fnn.PNG Compared to previous results: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/89/7492f89d-9467-4148-b1b5-f3ca0b93deb8/ell2.PNG To non-Finns, here's how the government will look in terms of what the parties represent: 1) Pensioners/Old People party, 40 seats 2) Nationalists, 39 seats 3) Privatize Literally Everything party, 38 seats 4) Farmers party, 31 seats 5) Green party, 20 seats 6) Leftists, 16 seats 7) Swedish party, 9 seats 8) Bible Thumping Christians, 5 seats 9) Other parties, 2 seats (tiny parties nobody cares about) The leader will start to form the government, which will be hard due to how even the large parties ended up. SDP winning is pretty bad for young people as it means they're going to raise taxes and pension payments to give more money to the elderly. Taxes and pension payments are already historically high in Finland and young people are struggling to get by, so it will be really bad if they go ahead with their plans and fuck the young over. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/sdp_takes_top_spot_populists_rally_heavy_losses_for_pms_centre_in_finnish_election/10739392
So, the Finnish three center-left to left-wing parties are the winners for this election, as all them gained from your country's centrist party?
I'm not well versed in Finnish politics but that's not the impression I got from the OP. I may be wrong in my interpretation though.
what a pleasant non-surprise cant wait for a cabinet to barely form, gonna be interesting to follow lol
122 of the seats went to right-wing parties, even if they manage to build a government out of this, it'll be a really shitty one that'll just keep raising taxes and privatizing everything.
I calculated and its said only 87 seats went to solely and true centre-right to right-wing parties? Which sounded to worst, but overall still not good.
How will this affect foreign expats?
Looks like I should start brushing up on my Swedish.
what's your definition of "truly right wing/centre right" here
There's a pretty big risk that we will get a right wing nationalist government in 2022.
Wait a minute, a country where the pensioner party isn't just a meme, but wins the majority of the votes? What the fuck :v
I feel like brushing SDP off as being the old people party is being a bit harsh, given that they're still the biggest left-aligned party we have. They're infinitely preferable to the National Coalition or the Finns. That said, there's a not-insignificant chance the Finns and NCP try to form a government without SDP so we're definitely not out of the woods here. Realistically it probably won't happen, but there's already been some comments suggesting that the predicted opposition route for the Finns might not end up happening. Halla-aho softening his rhetoric regarding immigration is already a bad sign, since it means he's likely interested in the idea of being in government. Even if it's with both SDP and NCP, it's still likely to be end up being a goddamned mess if you ask me.
It’s so strange to hear a right wing party being the ones raising taxes
  Perussuomalaiset 39 + Kokoomus 38 | 77 + Keskusta 31 | 108 + Suomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue 9 | 117 + Kristillisdemokraatit 5 | 122 Someone might argue that the party literally named the Centre Party, should be assigned as a centrist party, but they spent their entire time in government trying to enable corruption at lower, more local, levels of government (maakuntauudistus), and trying to destroy the healthcare system (soteuudistus). Oh and fucking over poor people. I'd argue those are far more aligned with our right-wing parties, more specifically Kokoomus. The prime minister that was pushing for all these changes was from Keskusta. Contesting RKP is fine with me if someone wants to pick that bone, they used to be very much in the right until like about the 70s if I recall correctly, but in recent years they've basically been playing teacher's pet, doing anything they can just so they can push against removing mandatory Swedish.
All in all while I'm not thrilled about the Finns party getting second place, I'm okay with SDP being in the lead. I strongly dislike the national coalition party because it's mostly made up of gold spoon rich kids and business people, I hate the centre party because they basically fucked over students and the poor with the last government. Green party I don't like because they are against nuclear power and the rest don't matter for now. SDP was very vocal against the centre party these past few years so I have some hope for them. There are different ways to raise taxes. The coalition party and the centre party favor taxing the masses and cutting benefits. The Finns party (at least on paper) supports progressive tax, that is taxing the rich more heavily to maintaina better economic equality. The Finns party however is a populist party and they have a history of just saying what the uneducated masses want to hear so we'll see.
I was talking with a Finnish friend about the election and they seemed to really give the impression that The Finns was an almost BNP-like party who want to evict all the immigrants and cut down the forests, and that the Blue Reform party was formed because they were a bit aggressive policy-wise. Is that accurate or a heavy opinion?
They are climate and euroskeptics and against immigration for sure. They're not that blunt about kicking all immigrants out, but it's certainly what their voterbase seems to want. They use slogans like "Take Finland back" and usually explain their position as wanting to focus on work based immigration and ending "living standard shopping" (meaning people seeking refuge from poor countries). There have been genuine nazis in their ranks like James Hirvisaari, and the their leader Jussi Hallo-Aho has hate speech convictions for racist things he wrote on his blog. The typical voter if the Finns party is an uneducated worker, basically the Finnish equivalent of a redneck.
The best comparison for the Finns party is Sweden's Swedish Democrats. Though aren't the Finns party kinda accepting of EU as a necessary evil, better to be part of it than out of it even if it has problems?
They want to transfer power from the EU back to member states. They seem to feel EU is a good platform to have for discussion and co-operation but it should have no power over its members.
From what I understand, the current Finns party's general opinions are: 1) Stop or reduce refugee immigration in favour of work-based immigration. This got the Finns a noticeable boost because of a string of refugee gangs raping children mere months before the elections. 2) Finland has already done enough in stopping global warming, and any further taxes or laws are seen as punishing citizens for things not under their control (china, US, india etc must do the rest). 3) Finnish citizens over foreigners - basically divert funds from foreign aid, refugees, etc and invest it into elderly healthcare, education, etc which have been going down the shitter lately. 4) Strong borders and military 5) Traditional values (Fatherland, Religion and Family) (family meaning no gay marriage). They are most likely ready to compromise in all of these if they become part of the government. And I find it highly unlikely they would take Finland out of the EU.
Well, based in your American/'Western'/European political climate(s), is looking on how they portrayed foreigners or other races as ludicrous enemies to any nation's supposed "original" heritage, as well for economical problems in certain degree. Oh I guess see why you adding them as the rest of overall 122 seats, as here in the US, that modern-day Democratic Party since 1993 is pretty similar to yours.
I've lost all confidence on the SDP, for years they have done nothing to us young working class. Just focusing on what is trendy to try catch votes. Years i've been working in hard labor at constructions without any pay rise with minimum wage and all that is rising is taxes and poverty. Funny, we do the most bodily taxing work yet we are paid in cents.Hell my rights as a worker has just been decreasing over the years even when SDP has been in the government rubbing shoulders with the rich parties. Hopefully this is a wake up call for SDP to fix their shit and help the poor working class outside Helsinki. Maybe then i'll vote them again. Try walking a mile in my broken work boots and worn, dirty work clothes.
There basically isn't a single worker's party left in Finland. PS wants to cut public services which affects the workers the most, and they seem to be the most popular party in that demographic. Imagine your kid gets sick and you end up at Mehiläinen. Fucking yikes. It's not as bad as in America, but that shouldn't be a benchmark by any means, it's still going to be like over a hundred euro.
PS has done a bang-up job of selling empty promises while being perfectly willing to follow a right-wing economic policy, as long as those dirty foreigners are kept out. It's why them + kokoomus in government in any kind of coalition is a terrible idea - they'd just amplify each other, and Kok has definitely shown signs of tightening their immigration rhetoric already. SDP would end up getting steamrolled.
It's somewhat like US republicans and democrats with those two. SDP appears like a middle class, well rounded, well spoken and well educated centrist party that are agreeable to everyone. But as they have no strong stances on anything and don't set their foot down to oppose the political extremes they just let a lot of shit slide. Afaik they sneakily support the wealthy as well without ever really being called out on it. PS on the other hand get uneducated workers' support just by being racist and saying leftists are pussies, all the while blatantly working against the interests of their voters, who, being so dumb / absolutely disinterested in actual policy that they don't even realise it.
I see a lot of negative stuff about PS i have never noticed anything that bad about them? I have just recently started to get into politics
The party is full of people who are racist, misogynist, anti-gay, anti-science or all four at the same time. Their leader is a vocal alt-right "i dont hate brown people BUT" jackoff with several hate speech convictions, and their vice-chairperson is an evolution denier who ran for president with the platform of creating a white christian ethnostate. They are all populist scum who will sell you whatever lies they like (and blame all problems on foreigners or the EU) just to gain power. This is a party that was too extreme for Timo "women should stay in the kitchen" "gays are icky and need conversion" "immigrants out" Soini. They are the finnish answer to american Republicans, with zero respect for the values this nation was founded on.
I'm glad that I stuck to my guns and voted for a smarter small party (Pirate Party) despite knowing that they didn't make a difference. Though what I did pick up with this shitty election with its shitty electorates was that perhaps I need to start becoming more politically active. Like with how first past the post voting is undemocratic in how it forces those supporting the smaller parties to either stick to their guns (which hardly has an effect) or voting on major party that sucks the least. Another problem I reckon is that a majority of the people are too stupid for politics and a majority of the politicians are definitely too stupid for politics.
I've been a member of the Finnish Pirate Party since 2008. With each passing parliamentary election I consider calling it quits though. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it's been over 10 years now and there's been no notable increase in support.
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