• QAnon believers crushed after Mueller report fails to lead to Clinton’s arrest
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https://www.thedailybeast.com/qanon-believers-crushed-after-mueller-report-fails-to-lead-to-hillary-clintons-arrest While most of Donald Trump’s allies braced for the release on Thursday of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, believers in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory approached the long-awaited publication with a sense of thrill. For years, QAnon fans have been mocked for believing that Mueller was secretly in league with the president, working hand-in-hand to uncover Satanic rituals committed by top Democrats before shipping them off to Guantanamo Bay. They had been told it was ridiculous to base their entire political worldview on a series of anonymous clues posted on internet message boards — including one that claimed Hillary Clinton was secretly arrested in October 2017. Now, after all the chanting and waving of “Q” signs at Trump rallies, their hour of vindication was at hand. But when the Mueller report arrived on Thursday morning, it contained none of the bombshell, global pedophile cabal-destroying revelations QAnon fans had predicted. Instead, it detailed the a Russian campaign of electoral subterfuge that benefit Trump’s election efforts along with repeated attempts by the president to impede investigations into his conduct. Unhappy QAnon believers were left to grapple with the letdown. On Voat, a Reddit-style forum alternative popular with QAnon fans, believers lamented the fact that they had been duped again.
But her emails
Don't worry, they'll just doctor the report until it makes them happy and claim it as the real one.
I forgot that QAnon believed that the Mueller report was going to be the Redemption of Trump and the strike against the deep state illuminati. They were let down when Jeff Sessions was fired, because he was supposed to be the third horseman. Now this. Time to see how they bend reality to maintain their bubble this time.
imagine being a qanon believer now imagine your god is fake, and is instead simply a piñata full of africanized bees that you’ve been beating for years and it finally cracked open
Didn't Qanon start as a joke, anyways?
Aren't they just gonna claim the redactions are where all the Q stuff is hiding
Whatever it is, it's now clearly some kind of disinfo operation either by a bunch of unconnected people who don't even know they're spreading disinfo under a collective name (whom think they're just fucking with people under a shared mantle because it's funny) or a concerted and very targetted effort. Almost all of the QAnon posts are phrased in such really snide and underhanded dogwhistling ways that are clearly catered to set off people with certain mindsets, whether it be simple gullibility or genuine delusion. Whether it's just pure happenstance or a more sinister game I don't know (and I'd side with happenstance) but suffice to say QAnon is ongoing proof that the new form of controlling illiteracy is disinformation. [wheezes through tinfoil respirator]
I dont know if the Russians was the first to weaponized the internet. But they definitely perfect it. Think about it, they're disinformation operation is so successful that they have their targets using it and spreading it themselves on their own country man. They identified how to mess with the dumbest kind of people's brains and like you said their mindset. How long will the free internet lasts until its abused by more governments? Only way to compact this is possible a huge education reform because I'll be honest most of us are dumb as fuck. The average American life kinda poisons your brain in a way as well. The corrupt keeps us dumb for this reason.
I wish i could say it was just the Russians but honestly I think every major nation is complicit in it now.
I wonder if this will be Q's UFO delayed moment.
this qanon shit will never actually end. people will continue to believe it forever, even after everyone who was around for it initially is dead
Possibly, at this point it will be very risky not to do it as they could easily be targeted in similar attacks. If the US gets their shit together they will probably be doing the same towards Russia in retaliation. Which is why russia now wants to be able to completely cut off the internet if they have/want to do so. Information warfare and proxy wars all so a group of pathetic oligarchs(not just Russia, the US seem to have their own oligarchs that even mutually benefit eachother) can be richer/keep some more of their wealth. Billionaires that could have everything they want and more yet they want to hold back the entire human race and the future for the next generations, destroy the environment and let hundreds of thousands(indirectly millions) of innocent people to die or live in poverty, some even their own hardworking countrymen that do the labor that enriches them in the first place. Absolutely pathetic, these people on a different plane of humanity, utterly deprived. With our pace of technology the world could be a much much better place for virtually EVERYONE if these dicks were dispose of.
Reposting these screenshots from the Qanon subreddit before admins shut it down https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/219023/d17bde67-db0b-4808-aaac-20f79d6d7ff8/image.jpeg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/219023/357740ee-32ad-42e6-8ec5-2439ef01d181/image.jpeg
It did, it started as something to make fun of the alt-right and their pedopizza-tier level of conspiracies I think, unfortunately it attracted actual idiots that don't get the jokes and actually end up believing them.
iirc, it started on lefty-pol to fuck with normal pol
jesus christ that username is something isn't it
Small silver lining in this shitshow. They'll just pivot again soon though.
QAnon proof is actually buried in Minecraft - you just have to look for it.
"On Voat, a Reddit-style forum alternative popular with QAnon fans, believers lamented the fact that they had been duped again. One has to wonder how accustomed they've become by now to believing in nonsense that invariably gets proven false, and whether they've actually learned anything from the experience.
It's actually a pretty well-studied pattern - prophecy-based cults, when their prophecy is proven wrong, tend shed members, but those who remain become even more dedicated. It's been seen with several doomsday cults, and I think it applies here perfectly well. A good analogy is to evaporative cooling. When you have a bucket of water, which molecules evaporate first? The ones that, through random chance, were closest to boiling temperature already. Once they evaporate, they disperse and cease to interact with the remaining liquid. Overall effect? The bucket becomes cooler. So it is with cults - and QAnon cannot be considered anything but a cult, complete with a prophet, a messiah, and a Great Satan. Which cultists are the ones who leave, when the faith is shaken? Those who were least dedicated to the cause. Those who remain are in so deep that it is easier to rationalize the failure than to leave - and humans can rationalize fucking anything, when we need to. End result? Proving a cult wrong might reduce their headcount, but it will just strengthen their devotion to it, and make their beliefs even more crazy. This can still break up a cult, if they grow too small to keep reinforcing each others' beliefs. Or if the social cost of being in it, at such a high level of devotion, becomes too great. But that isn't the normal way such things die - normally it's either internal strife ("turns out the prophet was just milking us for cash") or external conflict ("well, our holy war turned out about as well as a dozen nutters with guns against the FBI normally goes") that ends it. QAnon is diffuse enough that I don't think external conflict could really end them - so it will most likely fall to internal strife.
Why does the media call them "disappointed QAnon believers" and not "Modern internet cultists"?
So did Pizzagate, and look where that led.
Suing main-stream media because you fell for a conspiracy. Sounds about as intelligent as I'd expect from Q believers.
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