• Armed vigilantes are detaining asylum seekers at the US/Mexico border
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https://thinkprogress.org/vigilante-group-asylum-seekers-mexico-367557475411/ Members of a heavily-armed group of vigilantes calling themselves the United Constitutional Patriots intercepted and apprehended hundreds of asylum seekers this week, despite having no authority to do so. One of the men filmed while others took the asylum seekers, including children, into custody on Tuesday night. For the past two months, the group has camped out in the desert near the town of Sunland Park, on the border between New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. “This is a brand new group who’s invading camp right now guys,” one of the group’s members can be heard saying in the video, which was first broadcast by a local television station, KENS5. The group then turned the asylum seekers over to Border Patrol. A Sunland Park police spokesman told ThinkProgress that the group has remained in the desert and has not made forays into residential areas. What’s more, his understanding was that the group was not supposed to intervene, only observe and report.
They're brown, that's guilt enough to some.
Hiw can any of them think this is "constitutional "?
These fascists will probably be condoned by the president.
Hey CBP look, there's people breaking the law at the border, how about you arrest them.
Trump will just pardon them the same way he pardoned Joe Arpaio.
Vigilantism is a crime and these people should be arrested and inprisoned. Oh wait that won't happen lol
Throw the book at these people. They are not police or law enforcement and should not be preforming law enforcement actions.
@Joey Skylynx
I think calling them vigilantes is wrong, they're more like Trump's freedom fighters. Gotta fight against them brown people or they'll take whitey's freedom.
they're domestic terrorists no different from the klan.
I was actually discussing this with people on the Polidicks discord. From what I'm able to glean over, these guys are mostly operating in the grey zone of "private security" details operating on ranches and communities that are near the border. They perform citizen arrests, most of which are regarding trespassing on private land. I'm not exactly sure who this group is, but their methods are pretty much used by a vast majority of groups along the US-Mexican border. If you guys got any questions regarding the procedures of what they are doing, feel free to ask.
Shut the fuck up bootlicker
Well aren't we up in arms over literally just saying I'll answer questions. Chill out.
There's probably more excesses like this down the pipeline so long as government is dysfunctional in its division and border + asylum policy fails to create an orderly process.
I am not condoning these peoples actions, but I want to point out that if some ragtag group is able to detain hundreds of asylum seekers in one week, then something is wrong our border security, the way we process (or rather, don't process) asylum seekers, or both.
Last I checked the Klan was responsible for lynching minorities and terrorizing law-abiding citizens, not turning over illegal immigrants to federal custody where they can apply for asylum. Citizen's arrest is legal, so wannabes helping enforce immigration law is going to continue until either CBP can secure the border without needing amateur hour assistance, or border processing allows asylum-seekers to go through the process legitimately rather than force them to try their luck at crossing illegally. Preferably both.
Private citizens should not have to do border patrols job and pick up their slack and Asylum seekers shouldn't have to fear border patrol
Well, to play devils avacado they do technically have the authority to detain people under most states laws regarding citizens arrest. Generally it is restricted to the confines of directly witnessing the event, and if they did indeed witness these people crossing the border then its well within the bounds of a citizens arrest. It's asinine, but not technically illegal
ya sure, people running around in masks with guns at night terrorizing minorities who have been known to detain american citizens who happen to live on the border are perfectly fine and not something that we should put a stop to.
Moving the goalposts. He wasn't saying that the actions were perfectly fine, he was saying that they aren't the KKK. If anything judging by the tone of his post, he is not a fan of them either, but saying they are no different from the KKK is just absurd. Except, as it has been explained: It is very much legal. And finally: They aren't just saying it, it's what they are actively doing. You are acting like the powder keg is already exploding.
Read the article. They're detaining people and turning them over to law enforcement. That's what a citizen's arrest is.
I'd like to imagine a third option, which unlike a massive investment in and reorganisation of our security infrastructure and unlike building a political consensus around legislation that has been caught in the doldrums for decades (both of which would be okay with me), would involve suing an individual or group in the militia community and having some solid jurisprudence out of it that confines them to not seeking out crimes, or criminals, a priori. It's a legitimate conversation to have generally and in the context of the southern border It's a ticking time bomb, if it already hasn't resulted in some kind clandestine violence.
Hope these motherfuckers get shot dead or badly injured. Lotta sovereignty you lot's got letting weekend soldiers terrorize your borders. The nerve on these manchildren is deplorable.
That escalated quickly.
Imagine taking thousands of dollars of military-grade equipment, waiting out in the desert for months until some people come along who are half-starving, tired, and scared. Just because social media has radicalized you enough to believe these people are a legitimate threat and not the victims of 100 years of American foreign policy and destruction in Latin American.
Honestly, this could be the promotional material for Fyre Festival 2.
Hard to wrap my head around what would compel people to use their own free time and money to hand asylum seekers over to an institution that's been shown to violate human rights and sexually abuse children. Unless I answered my own question there and that's exactly what they get their kicks from.
I'm just wondering if they actually detain people who they see crossing the border illegally or if they find them somewhere else. Somehow I have the suspicion its the latter. Honestly, if they find those people directly crossing, they should form bands of armed people and do citizen arrests.
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