• China says Silk Road not geopolitical tool, understands concerns
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I'd take this claim more seriously if they didn't have a history of using the South China Sea as their geopolitical Petri-dish.
cool cool so people have a choice of financing outside of china's financial system, buying engineering outside of china's economy, using local laborers instead of imported chinese workers and or not using chinese materials, no?
"No, but that doesn't mean anything. At least, if you know what's good for you..."
I actually think the concept of a continent spanning railroad, road, and internet network from china to europe is not an inherently bad idea, its just that's not what they're building and the way its structured is such that china is in charge of the whole thing and the process by which countries participate is purposefully opaque and very likely corrupt from the highest levels.
china also says that nothing happened on july 4th 1989 at tiananmen square
In related news, the Silk Road is a geopolitical tool.
Can't really blame them, the current world order was structured to benefit the United States the most (until Trump started blowing it all up anyway).
most of the countries that china wants to plow through are old soviet states that have had mixed success since the fall of the soviet union.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109789/f62a8495-0b7d-4a25-95f5-49a78d3edbdd/image.png It's going to happen. Maybe not tomorrow, but within our lifetimes.
https://youtu.be/5iZuffHPDAw how about two months ago?
Aw fuck they're already taking over
China is scary af though, the stuff it does to its own people, the sheer oppression. I don't want US hegemony but Chinese hegemony is far far worse
corruption, graft, and opaque government processes as well as severely restricted political power and speech are features of the Chinese-Way. Everybody is to be content and believe that their leadership is quasi ordained by god and thus is perfect.
I think also there's a cultural laziness/apathy in play also, that "mei ban fa" attitude. "things are totalitarian and corrupt as fuck, workers can't organise to improve their position and nothing is respected but money, mei ban fa, nothing i can do about it" Another point : I'm worried that on an international scale extreme nationalism and belief in ethnic supremecy will also manifest - like how the chinese treat africans in places they're investing/colonising.
Oh don't get me wrong, I'm on the US Hegemony train all the way, it's the best thing the world has got but I can understand why China is pursuing the same method of world control as the US did.
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