• House chairman subpoenas full Mueller report and underlying evidence
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The media doesn't matter, their opinion is worthless and they jumped the shark as early as possible to cover their asses for having covered this so much and so aggressively This is why I've maintained that I'll wait until the results happen This? THIS is what matters
the word subpoena is becoming such a buzzword
Subpoena There you go
what on earth lmao
buzzword is becoming such a buzzword
What the fuck does this even mean?
The world: We want THE TRUTH! Trump: I can't handle THE TRUTH!
You know subpoena does mean something right
"I hear ___ more common than usual during a period of history where its very relevant, idk i guess its becoming a overused buzzword"
it's a word in the english language that holds meaning pertaining to law. how is it a buzzword?
Since we're talking about the word, here's the etymology: If you think you recognize the sub- in subpoena as the prefix meaning "under, beneath, below," you're on target. Subpoena arrived in Modern English (via the Middle English suppena) from the Latin sub poena, a combination of sub and poena, meaning "penalty." Other poena descendants in English include impunity ("freedom from penalty"), penal ("of or relating to punishment"), and even punish. There is also the verb subpoena, as in "Defense lawyers have subpoenaed several witnesses to the crime."
ITT: everyone thinks I don't know what subpeona means. I just meant the word is popping up in our news a lot more recently, and likely because people see the word and are attracted to it. I.e. a buzzword. Buzzwords can be accurate you know? not every buzzword is misleading.
Might this do more harm than good by jeopardising ongoing cases?
Now this is some galaxy brained shit. Buzzwords are now words being used a lot? So is literally any common word a buzzword now?
Also, call me petty, but @NoRegard , I actually viewed the page you linked before making the post: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/188/bb4d6913-ae94-497f-bdb9-6eec352b3c97/Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.31.26 PM.png So that I would have a full understanding of it's context
So you knew what subpoena means and you still made that post. How embarrassing.
Also, it is jargon, and since we're on such a definition spree here's the definition of jargon: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=define+jargon special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand. Of which Google gives the example "legal jargon" Which, as @living cornelius explained, subpoena is a word in the english language related to law. I'd argue pretty much only used in law.
Just because a word is used more, doesnt mean it fits the entire definition of a buzzword. What would you call a subpoena other than wiriting out the entire definition every time. Its like saying christmas is a buzzword because a lot of articles have the word christmas on the header around the holidays. Just admit you fucked up using buzzword as a buzzword.
shame that even with a simplified explanation you still couldn't understand what it means
How embarrassing
the word fallacy is becoming such a buzzword
Nobody likes censored pornography, the non-redacted report is exactly what the people need to get their political jollies. Do you know what "buzzword" means? That passive aggressive "good day" people always do when they give up on an argument they have zero chance of ever winning always makes me laugh.
Tip for all Facepunch users: If someone has to edit into one of their posts 'anyway, i'm better than this so i'm not going to argue, even though I've argued for at least three posts now. Guess we'll agree to disagree lmao' it means not even they have faith in their argument.
or maybe i recognize that arguments on the internet always result in endless posts on both sides where neither side will change their mind and I just dont want to do that????
You know when someone starts spouting "LOL FALLACY" arguments that they've truly doubled down on Custer's Last Post. Great hill to die on kid, you're doing great.
or maybe I'm in a class about logic and reasoning and have a final coming up on fallacies hence it's on my mind??????
I mean someone explained your behaviour before you did, and you didn't really see the folly of it then and doubled down on it it's not that people never change their minds, it's that some arguments(ie, yours) aren't convincing.
also way to ignore the whole fucking rest of that post where I did not double down on lol fallacy???
ok this was funny at first but now it's just really sad
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