• House chairman subpoenas full Mueller report and underlying evidence
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Christ, this is the dumbest internet argument I've ever seen.
So hey that subpoena is nice at least
Damn, "subpoena" really stopped sounding like a word in my head about a page ago.
Sounds like a buzzword in my head :^)
Can I subpoena lope to have them hand over information about the time and braincells they took from anyone who read this thread?
A month long ban seems a bit excessive tbh
Forum Discussion VII They literally asked for it.
I don't mean to derail the thread again but I've been lurking this section of the forum for a couple of years now and I've always trusted you guys for transparent news and criticism, but I gotta say, jumping on someone just because they stated a harmless (if a bit stupid) opinion isn't exactly very in line of critical thinking. I get their reaction fuelled the whole thing further but wouldn't you guys also feel defensive after having the next 8 out of 9 posts directed at you in a negative and sarcastic manner? Yeah they acted irrationally, immaturely and even insulting, but I'm not gonna lie for a while now, some of you guys have been slowly turning into dicks. Others have provided constructive criticism, strong arguments and generally being polite and patient, but there's also been some bad manners too. Please let's try to avoid this kind of behaviour.
In a statement, Nadler said that the Justice Department must comply by May 1. Barr is supposed to appear before the comittee on may 2nd, and mueller on may 23rd. Season 2 begins I guess.
I'm going to get some subpeona's you guys want anything? Ham? Tuna?
A foot-long subpoena would be reeeeal good right about now
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chicken subpoena
More like act 2, but yeah. People got stuck talking about the word subpoena and now they're obsessed with it.
He needs a long time to recover from this one. God that whole first page was cringe
Ban is such a buzzword
Back on fucking topic. How much do you guys want to bet that these stupid assholes will say they can't release it because they lost it. Or it was destroyed.
And then Mueller walks up and hands over another copy.
You don't simy walk up and hand another 400 page report over... You run up and slam dunk it on a turtle's head, Deathbulge style!
"That's not the same document we were given the first time! The first document exonerated the president and this one has additions and changes to make him look guilty!"
I'm sorry, but the general rule of thumb is that if you have to use emoticons or multiple question marks to prove a point, then you're probably wrong.
I hope congress finally permabans Trump rather then waiting hoping he loses 2020 and fades away in the media.
Congress is Republican, I don't think they want Trump to lose in 2020. If you mean the Democrats, they can't do anything about it, it's up to the Republicans to impeach Trump and that's never happening, it's better for Democrats to focus on winning in 2020 rather than spend even more time trying to convince Republicans to impeach Trump, it's become clear after these past few years that Republicans will defend Trump at all costs, Democrats should focus on winning 2020 and getting his ass out that way rather than keep banging their heads against the republican wall.
I don't understand why the republicans don't just impeach that idiot. They still have a Republican in office and get rid of that tumor that's bringing them all down
Because at this point you have to please his cult to make sure they'll vote for you.
Because the republicans have invested literally everything into the most fanatical zealots among their voterbase and now they can't ever go back because that's all they have left, and that voterbase has literally decided to dedicate themselves being walking asshole cleaners for Trump. They can't get rid of Trump because he is the republican party now. He is the product of a decades-long race to the bottom among the GOP and now the party is reaping what it's sown.
They've invested too much into the Trump Train to turn back on it without looking like a RINO at this point.
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