• Florida man arrested for threatening to kill Democrats, including Ilhan Omar
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https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/south-florida-man-joseph-kless-threatened-to-kill-ilhan-omar-rashida-tlaib-corey-booker-eric-swalwell-11151519 Federal authorities today announced that John Kless, a resident of Tamarac in Broward, called three Democrats at their Washington, D.C. offices and left voicemails threatening murder. The lawmakers included California Congressman Eric Swalwell, Detroit Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. In all three messages, Kless referenced his hatred for Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar — repeatedly calling her a "towel head" and member of the Taliban. Kless allegedly criticized Swalwell over the congressman's stance on gun-control. Kless allegedly said that if Swalwell enacted gun-safety laws, someone would kill the lawmaker. "The day you come after our guns motherfucker is the day you'll be dead," Kless said, according to a federal indictment. Kless repeatedly used the N-word to refer to Booker and called him a "monkey." Kless said. He added that he wanted to kill black men like the senator. "You're a fucking disgrace," Kless allegedly said. "We need to kill all you motherfuckers man, every fucking one of you, man." In each of the three voicemails, Kless defended Donald Trump and told lawmakers to stop criticizing him.
But Trump already said he wants to come for their guns?
In each of the three voicemails, Kless defended Donald Trump and told lawmakers to stop criticizing him. This'll totally help Donald Trump!
This is your brain on fox news
Remember. Florida laws allows information about these arrests to be shown to the Public more so compared to other states. In other words, this ain't a "Florida Man" situation. This means this is possibly getting more common in the United States. And since i live in a Red State, i'm sorta regretting labeling myself as a Democrat at this point.
This seems alarmist as fuck, there's not going to be some "red uprising".
For the past 2-3 years. You can't even be publicy Democrat on FB if you live in a Red-state or community.
Well he certainly sounds like someone stable enough to own a gun.
The day you come after our guns motherfucker is the day you'll be dead "Take the guns first, go through due process second." -Donald Trump Selective anger, mental gymnastics, it's all here
I'm not sure if he actually threatened Omar or just mentioned her tbh
The only reason omar was mentioned/threatened is most likely going to be the "brown man bad" mentality this far right nuts tout.
Can you honestly say this with absolute confidence? I couldn't. It take zero effort to look up someone's registered party and address here in Florida, and do god knows what to them.
Let's not pretend that the reverse isn't true. This is more a symptom of our division.
"there was violence on both sides"
Look at the stats on political violence and come back with an informed opinion next time.
Please explain to me, how the fuck do i try to stay civil with Trump's Voter base? Seriously, i've tried as a Democrat guy to take my time and slowly talk to these people as slow as possible and respect what they say for the sake of having conversation. I can't even do that anymore. The only way me and others who share those beliefs. We can only talk about it in private or through sending messages. We want to have discussions freely with these people, cause that's the only way you can sway them. But now since Trump has driven them to an almost Cult-like behavior, you can't have normal conversations with them anymore about opposing views. If they find out that you're against Trump, they'll drop you like worthless trash, and worse, spread rumors around and convince others since you're a Democrat. You're somehow wanting to murder fetuses, a "Communist", a "Evil Atheist", and....wait a minute...this seems familiar... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism Oh.........
I feel like this is all leading up to a civil war. I've been saying it for a while and though it hasn't happened yet, the increasing frequency of events like this makes me believe that one is inevitable. Especially with the powder keg that is the Mueller report having come out at least in part (and Trump's predictably volatile reaction), plus the amount of right-wingers that showed support for the Christchurch shootings shows that they don't worry about spilling innocent blood anymore. Call it /pol/ being /pol/, but they were still cheering the bastard on as it was happening and we've reached the point where online hives like /pol/ are an actual tangible influence on the right wing as a whole.
Florida Man should stay out of politics and go back to wrestling alligators while driving a golf cart
100% this. Talking to a Trumpet is practically impossible, you just get stonewalled from the outset by bad-faith arguments or just an utter refusal to acknowledge you as a valid person because you don't already agree with them, and they do so smugly with no hint of self-awareness. And that's because they don't care if what they say is wrong, unsubstantiated, or even logically impossible because "being right" isn't the point of their argumentation anymore. They hold the views they do specifically to put the other side in the worst possible light and that's it. There's no discussion to be had because their goal is just to try to mess with you and make you regret even engaging them. For example, a popular opinion among them is to make party affiliation in voter registration public and to indiscriminately fire anyone who's registered Democrat because "it's only fair payback". A coworker of mine who is a notorious (read: inappropriately loud for an office setting) Trump supporter was espousing this a few weeks ago and said that it'd be not only legal but also morally right because all Democrats, without exception, are engaged in heavy crime because they "hate police officers". When someone spoke up to question exactly how the hell he came to that conclusion, he cut him off and laughed about how "wow [Democrats] can't help themselves", told him he'd be first, and posited that he was only objecting because he too was a criminal and that there was no other logical reason. When the man said he wasn't a criminal, he was asked to prove it, to which he replied he had a clean arrest record, to which he was very smugly told that you don't have to be arrested to have committed a crime and that he'd just incriminated himself by saying "he'd never been caught". The only indication of "a clean moral bill of health" was to register Republican, bar nothing. The other guy then brought up that this Trump supporter had been very recently arrested for impersonating a police officer in an attempt to intimidate someone he'd picked a fight with at a bar over politics... and was told he had made an inexcusably-low blow in bringing that up and that the Trump supporter no longer had to humor the conversation if he was "just going to be attacked by an angry triggered Democrat who doesn't understand how law works". This guy honestly believes that the cop who arrested him did so for purely political reasons with a repeated implication that he knows this because the cop was black, and that the case will be thrown out in an instant and the cop fired on the spot when it hits a court, despite an entire bar full of witnesses to this guy's belligerence and threats. He had every right to be angry because of what Democrats are doing, and if anything it's their fault. This was all still part of the same conversation, by the way, when he said he was done with the discussion he just meant that he wasn't going to let the other guy interject anymore while he told him that he looked forward to rubbing that crooked cop's badge in his face and how this whole exchange made him all the more convinced that Democrats have no place in the company or American society in general. So you might be asking yourself, how does this guy still have a job if he's so obnoxious and disruptive? Well, that's because for every person who thinks negatively of him, there's at least one who vocally idolizes him as a genius, a true patriot, or even a hero taking a stand against a silent liberal takeover of the company. They've set themselves up to believe that any attempt to reprimand this guy or any other Trump supporter, no matter the circumstances, will be a purely-politically-motivated attack and have threatened to react accordingly. This could go very bad for us considering that we're a government contractor. I wouldn't put it past Trump to nuke our contracts if his supporters made enough noise. He's definitely petty enough for that. Meanwhile, the rest of us just want to get our jobs done without some loud angry guys shouting over all the cubicles about the news. Most of us don't engage and just wear headphones (I've got some really nice noise-cancelling ones that have been a godsend). If all it was about was feeling unchallenged and correct, this would be the end of it. They'd have their conversation and nobody would bother them. But no, people like the guy I described above have taken to being visually or physically intrusive to try to get a rise out of people because that's what it is to them. They call it payback for being "iced out" but it's just a justification for fucking with people. Putting hands in front of their faces or screens, poking/clasping their shoulders without warning, throwing things at their desks, dropping large books or items on desks near them, or ripping their headphones off/out have been primary vectors. It's all "just a joke so why do you have to get so triggered you snowflake" so you're the asshole if what they do startles or pesters you and it's your fault anyway that they have to work so hard to get your attention just because you can't deal with how real they are. Talking things out with these people is never going to happen. It's like, look at how lampooned the idea of "talking things out" with your schoolyard bully has become in the last few decades. It's a commonly-accepted fact that the complete lack of consequence for aggressive and violent behavior has created a situation where young people are left with virtually zero options for dealing with people who abuse them. The suggestion that the victim be the bigger person and try to work out an understanding has been a joke demonstrating how hopelessly out-of-touch someone is for a long time now. Previously, this never applied to adult life because there were consequences for acting like a shitheel. You'd lose your friends, you'd lose your job, you'd go to jail, etc. Suddenly, now that Trump's been elected, the floor has dropped out, and people are not only going unpunished for being mean and aggressive, but are being celebrated as paragons as their kind by an entire half of our political spectrum. Now, holding people to standards of behavior is a partisan issue for spineless democrats who need "rules" and "safe spaces" because they're "too weak" to retaliate against harassment, threats, or violence on their own. Of course, just like on the schoolyard, should anyone actually stick up for themselves and take their well-being into their own hands then holy shit full stop throw the book at that fucking hypocrite who wants rules but then doesn't follow them himself. They're no better than the people harassing them. In fact, they're worse because they should know better. Same goes for anyone or anywhere that actually enforces standards of conduct, they're all "left-wing echo chambers" because people get banned for trolling, flaming, threats, or otherwise disgusting behavior. This isn't a problem that's going to be solved through friendly conversations with people who couldn't give less of a shit if they're wrong in the first place. There needs to be a return to order first. There needs to be consequences for acting like a shitbag. There needs to be something at risk, something to be lost. Then the conversations can start. But until then you're not going to get anything back for your efforts because they have absolutely no obligation to not just call you a brainwashed cuck shill libtard jew, threaten violence against you, and strut away like they've won because no one they care about will tell them otherwise.
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a1/Unholy_three.png Flier issued in May 1955 by the Keep America Committee urging readers to "fight communistic world government" by opposing public health programs Goddammit, USA truly regressed into the 50s ( or worse, never advanced ).
Bro what the fuck are you talking about lmfao I live in Alabama and make it flagrantly obvious that I'm left leaning and no one says a fucking word to me
We didn't regress. These people just never left.
I live in Nebraska. Ever since 2008 or so. Nebraska has become slowly more and more far-right overtime. Even at family gatherings and what not. The people who are left leaning in the family or democrat have to go into another part of the house or outside to discuss politics. And have to stay awkwardly silent when the Republican part of the family starts talking. Mostly cause the Republican part of my family is where all the money and power is.
My post nor the post I quoted said nothing about violence. But I remember that not too long ago, a congressman actually got shot in a politically motivated attack. Dont get me wrong, I dont disagree with you in the slightest on this. Go to any heavy red area and you'll be treated like a devil who has lepercy. But then go into a heavy blue area and wear a maga hat. I'm thinking you'll get the same treatment.
I don't get this. I seriously don't get how this mentality means "Oh they're both the same". No, we aren't. What you're saying in a nutshell is. "If a Jewish man went into a nazi town, he'll get treated like shit. But if a Nazi went into a Jewish town, he would get treated like shit. So that means they're the same."
If there’s one thing that really needs to change in America’s political culture, it has to be with everyone giving everyone else labels. We have two major political parties here - the Labor party and Liberal party, but it’s actually unfathomable to imagine Australians calling each other ‘Laborites’ or ‘Liberals’. Many Australians have a preferred party, but no one makes that political party be part of their identity. I think most Australians recognise that the people within each party are what shape the party, rather than the other way around. Practically the only exceptions to the above are actual bogans referring to supporters of the Australian Greens as ‘greenies’, or ultra-progressive supporters of the Labor party or the Greens deciding to emulate American politics are use the term ‘Liberals’ as a slur against members of the Liberal party.
How is "Republicans get treated like shit in blue areas" and "Democrats get treated like shit in red areas" different? I mean are you really upset that we treat each other like shit, or are you only upset that Democrats get treated like shit in red areas, and fine with the reverse because "they are wrong, terrible people, and need to change"?
Back when i was younger, Democrats and Republicans could casually talk to one another about politics and what not. That's virtually non-existent now. Whoever was democrat in that area is now currently quiet both in public and online about their political beliefs. And a lot of us just wish it would go back to what it originally was. Where we can have a normal discussion with Republicans with constructive discussions. Like we want to have a conversation, but the GOP's ideology is pushing the Republican voter base to become full on stonewall with everything. And are convincing them that Democrats are like the spawn of satan. Its McCarthysm 2.0.
I think the dumb rating that @Raidyr placed on my post is perfectly illustrative of problems in American politics today. It’s not enough for many Americans to simply disagree with someone else, they feel the need to one-up others by making it personal, eg making them feel dumb. And they don’t even put in the effort of a thought-out response.
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