• Florida man arrested for threatening to kill Democrats, including Ilhan Omar
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Oh yeah, exactly. I was in a workshop meeting at work and some guy brought up the "5 Monkeys Experiment" (http://i.snag.gy/kdu77.jpg) and followed it up by saying it was an allegory and apparently never happened, according to Snopes. Another guy interrupts him to go off on a ridiculous tangent about how he wouldn't trust anything Snopes says because do you know who it's bought out by and who the owner is and what he's been up to? It was like he couldn't help himself, and it derailed the meeting so hard despite several attempts to get it back on track and made things so uncomfortable that the poor guy presenting just concluded his meeting early and said he'd send out a copy of his presentation for independent review later. Everyone just sorta shuffled out and the other guy was very vocally proud of what he'd done, repeatedly calling it "the most educational thing you'll hear all day" in a very clear implication that he considered everything he'd said to be more important than the presentation he'd interrupted. Then, despite it being really rude, nobody present really said that much more about it. But god damn there was so much talk about the MAGA hero who red-pilled a meeting so hard he cleared the room and how all the people who left should be demerited for wasting company time and resources (despite the workshop being an unpaid meeting over lunch) and what a bitch the presenter was because he gave up after fifteen minutes of trying to get things back on track. The presenter is actually well-known as a lifelong Republican and is actually a very cool guy who does his best to get along with everyone and genuinely misses rational politics as much as anyone else. But he's a fan of Trump so he's a RINO and a secret Democrat and actually gets some of the worst shit out of anyone at the company because they've labeled him a traitor. He's an incredibly strong person so if it bugs him on a personal level you'd never know it, but the resulting nasty rumors about him have done irreparable damage to his reputation and most Trumpets refuse to work with him and definitely refuse to work under him so he may end up leaving the company since it's logistically impossible to move him into a lead or management position at this point. A few of us in the lower-level positions have filled out formal recommendations for him to be moved up anyway and that many of us would be more than happy to work under him, but it's unclear if that will be enough. He really deserves better.
Jesus McChrist, that's heart-breaking. That MAGA guy sounds like an incredibly self-centered cunt.
This is exactly what i fucking mean.
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