• Biden set to announce presidential run next week
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https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/biden-set-announce-presidential-run-next-week-n985421 Advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are finalizing plans for the launch of his presidential campaign next week, ending months of suspense that has hung over the Democratic nominating race. were doom.
I doubt he's going to have any real success when things really get going tbh.
I hope you're right. Because the DNC is going to do everything they can to help him through the primaries.
I'm ready to volunteer
He's getting all the hype for Obama, but I think people are going to realize, "Oh, wait, he's actually not Obama." Add in the copious amounts of him touching little girls and whispering in their ears while they're clearly uncomfortable -- that is not going to go well for him. But who knows
Why do you think there's already apologia for Biden's creepiness and possible sexual harassment? They are going to do everything they can to try to ram him through the primaries, because he's the candidate they can trust the most to revert us to the pre-Trump status quo and then do literally nothing else of substance. And if he loses, well, at least they didn't nominate an actual progressive who might actually win and then demand that the government start taxing rich DNC donors, or work towards dismantling the private health insurance industry that did so much damn lobbying during the crafting of Obamacare.
America will be known as the country that elected Trump twice.
Elected Nixon and Reagan twice
He's really dragging this out if he's gonna run.
Biden just needs to get talking. People will sober up fast to the fact that he isn't for any of the things that are hugely popular and staples of modern progressivism, like the Green New Deal or MFA. They can fool SOME with the weasel words like, "I support Universal ACCESS to AFFORDABLE care!" but not the rest, and all we have to do is grill him on it. That, and review his record. It's not pretty. Add to that his "oh I'm so buddy-buddy with Republicans and agree with them so much and so ABOVE the fray," 90's New Dem attitude that will drive the left away and he's toothless. Bernie was an unknown against Hillary, but now he's the most popular politician in America by a country mile with immense support. I'm not saying Biden will have NO support, but the average Dem is sharper than the establishment thinks, and Bernie's campaign methods are fierce since the establishment has grown a bad habit of not bothering to campaign where they think they'll do badly. Bernie doesn't do that.
Biden has too much baggage. He'll be the only candidate who voted for the Iraq war, his handsiness and his conduct at the Anita Hill hearing were world historically awful. He's bragged about being tough on crime (he was a chief architect of the 1994 crime bill that through huge amounts of people, particularly minorities, in prison for drug offenses). He's gone around praising Republicans and helping them get elected, tells millennials to suck it up etc. I think the DNC is going to realize this pretty quick and put their weight behind someone new, young, and appealing like Buttigieg, Beto, or Kamala.
Old friends, new enemies...
I just want the status quo sect of the dems to corrode to nothing for something that's progressive in truth instead of just dressing to take hold. It's been so frustrating to realize how truly hollow much of the major democrats are in seeing how much could've been done during the years I've been alive for. It's a major increment of what lead to the current administration, and I think it needs to be severed lest it fester further. I can't see how this country won't stagnate and decline under such a status quo. I can see that the most viable path would be under figures such as Sanders, Warren, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and others of a progressive set of mind.
Can't wait to see the dnc throw all of its weight behind Biden in an attempt to keep Bernie out, once again handing the election to the gop.
Are we still using Toxxing or is that not a thing anymore with KO on the horizon?
I hope the americans here at least realize how short sighted it would be to not vote for whatever candidate makes it through when they come up against Trump. It's a shit sandwich and I fucking hate that better candidates seem to get sabotaged and railroaded, but for fuck's sake it'd be idiotic to refuse to vote when a second Trump term is on the line. It sucks, but elections often come down to "who do I loath the least".
If Hilary Clinton were a man
'Joe Biden is a treacherous, gutless old ward-heeler who should be put in a goddamn bottle and sent out with the Japanese current.' It's peculiar how history repeats.
You have to do these things at least twice to make sure that they were a stupid thing to do.
He should announce that hes running off into a isolated desert until the elections is over instead. You should volunteer to run into a isolated desert with him as well.
“Ow! That oven is hot!! Better stick my hand in a second time to be sure, though...”
A lot of Obama's donors and staff have scattered among Harria, O'Rourke, Buttigieg etc and I don't think Biden sill stand very strong on his own.
I mean you never know for sure!
So I'm seeing a potential disaster in the future. Sanders is the lead for the Dem nomination, but the DNC sabotages him and pushes Biden as hard as they can. Biden wins the nomination, his campaign is snowed under in sexual harassment allegations, thereby ensuring a Trump victory in 2020. Because while Democrat voters are principled, Republican voters are clearly not.
Progressives need to take over the DNC
Wasn't it not too long ago where a majority of the internet was gushing over him and Obama being like best friends
People used to gush over Putin too, but then I think they realized how much of a scumbag he is.
He was gushed over because he was an inert VP who was pretty much a meme his entire time in office. Now that he is no longer someone's #2, he actually has influence.
Fuck. I had doubts before.
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