• Judge says US government can be sued for Flint water crisis
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Trump will save them, don't worry any day now
He'll probably go throw some paper towels at them, and tell them not to worry because he discussed the matter with Flint's president, who is "a really cool guy".
The disgusting thing is in Trumpland Flint was fixed because Trump says its been fixed because he promised to fix it and since he achieved everything he said he would do Flint is fixed except they're not fixed.
If the US Government tries to weasel its way out of compensating those impacted by this blatantly disgusting situation I wouldn't blame anyone who saw it as a justification for threatening/conducting violence. If it happened in some parts of the US it would be an invitation to domestic terrorism.
Why wouldn't you sue the State of Michigan first? It was their blatant corruption and mess of bureaucracy that created the crisis. Especially that chucklefuck Rick Snyder.
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