• Trump accuses Mueller probe participants of treason, vows to "turn the tables"
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https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/mueller-report-latest-donald-trump-participants-treason-spying-turn-tables-a8878761.html?utm_source=reddit.com Donald Trump has ominously threatened to "turn the tables" on those involved in the Mueller investigation, accusing them of treason and vowing to "bring them to justice". A day after the department of justice made public a lightly redacted version of the special counsel report, that found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia but did not exonerate him on the issue of obstruction of justice, Mr Trump let fly a succession of angry tweets. One of them contained a mild curse. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/c4ccf078-e8ed-481c-9ea1-554f75ad45de/image.png
The movie idiocracy is really slowly becoming real life.
It’s been this way for years.
how is "shit" a mild curse, it's like top 3 if you don't count slurs
Didn't the investigation make profit?
This is only slightly terrifying.
"Statements are nade by me"? What?
We goin full fascist boys; I look forward to the chaos and needless harm to come thanks to one narcissistic douchebag, and the sociopathic political party backing him.
Hope he gets a brain aneurysm from this.
Big, fat, waste of time, energy, and money. Good job you just described yourself trump, what a walnut.
Fuck this piece of shit.
How can he say that when all the reasoning behind the conclusions is documented and laid the fuck out using facts
That explains Trump's opposition to it. He's more accustomed to bankruptcy.
World of difference between facts being reality and the truth and """""""""facts""""""""" that work in his favor.
His base aren't known for living in objective reality. None will actually read the report itself, even now that it's completely released. Hell his mindless supporters are still running with the lie that it totally exonerates him, which is completely incorrect if you actually delved into the contents of the report.
It's literally the first entry in Carlin's list of 7 words you can't say on TV.
go ahead, the report showed he was 1 lackey short of treason himself. Now he's surrounded himself with Yes Men who won't be so unwilling to carry out god emperor's word
Every decade of decay the United states, once the homefront of western democracy and advancement had succumbed to the wrath of Facism and sociopathic tyrants aided by corrupt representatives of the elites foreign and domestic. If things dont change into another course then civil disobedience will become the only remedy. Are we the people going to Resist? Revolt? Are we as a collective willing to risk it all not as selfish individuals but as an United force of defense of our born given rights not just for ourselves but for all mankind? Or are we going to let ourselves perish like a dog in the street.
The problem with this day and age is that nobody has time for civil unrest. Civil unrest does not pay the bills, keep your house mortgaged, or feed you. Everybody thinks "even though I'm not out there, others will be". In reality, the numbers are and will be far too few to make a lasting impact. At what point is the breaking point? At what point will the majority of the civilian population decide it is time to ACT? That is what I am most worried about. In 2019 with the Internet, and the most ways to distract yourself.. via media, games, hobbies, then ever before, will enough people be buggered enough to go outside and do something?
Youre not my king you fascist fuck.
What makes it difficult further is how fucking big the United States is. The state of Texas is literally bigger than most countries in Europe, where it's easier to localize and rally against your local/federal government. If I lived in Dallas and wanted to protest some bullshit, I could drive to Austin no biggie. You can't do that when you live in Texas and DC is 1300+ miles away.
Honestly I'm waiting for the CIA/NSA to step in and buy this fuckwad an all expenses paid trip to Dealy Plaza like they did with JFK
Him saying "bullshit" is really underlining the insanity of his twitter usage for me. It feels like listening to him talk to himself after accidentally leaving his microphone on, and everybody in the room looking around awkwardly is the entire world.
Yeah except there's no sudden revelation where everyone turns on him just the people who already knew or cared will have any sort of vindication
It's not exposing him somehow, I just get this momentary feeling as if I'm reading it from a time when the overton window was further back.
The only one guilty of treason and deserving to be brought to justice is you. Off with the head of the false king.
Can we be shown the official curse tier list?
So wait, wait a minute... If the report exonerates Trump... But it's also bullshit... ...Then that means...!
Why do you look forward to it? Why are you not stopping it?
https://twitter.com/JoyceWhiteVance/status/1120038249781694464 Trump will never willingly leave office.
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