• Trump liked the report when it looked good for him. Today it's "total bullshit"
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https://www.vox.com/2019/4/19/18507488/trump-mueller-report-total-bullshit-total-exoneration “TOTAL Exoneration” has now become “total bullshit.”
Donnie Dumps is having a bad day
He's right about one thing. It should never happen again. We need to make some serious changes to how our democracy represents us and either force the party of lies and hate to play fair and lose, or dissolve and hope some find reason. This kind of damage can't become a normal thing. "Oh it's a Republican again, I guess prepare for 4 years of inciting violent hatred and ransacking our country."
The angrier he gets the more he loses his composure and shows his true colours. His tantrum about "total bullshit" reads like it was written by a kid on Xbox Live, not the US President. What an awful role model for children.
It took him almost 9 hours to finish that last tweet.
Go easy on him, he’s clearly going senile!
If I wasn't on my phone I would def photoshopped that onto an xbox 360 message picture.
oh, but what about those Game of Thrones-themed tweets? /s Realtalk; will this cause another ruckuss with his supporters? They were fully on this orange's bandwagon that the report would totally clear him of any guilt, yo, take that dems! Now that he's whining "UNFAIR! FAKE REPORT!", they have to do another 180/goalpost move to change stances.
You act as though it's easy to grip a phone when your fingers are covered in burger grease.
I bet you anything he was verifying the $30,000,000 figure before he tweeted it out. Either way, that pales in comparison to how much he has spent golfing. Priorities, Donny boy.
Just shows that, again, he doesn't fucking read anything, he just goes by what his aides and Fox News tell him.
In disgusted that this man is the representation of our country.
The report only looked good because he was the only one who had seen it. Now that everyone can see the details it's bad.
Let's not forget how he was lost in despair as soon as he was told he was under investigation. That is such an easy admission of guilt and red flag, its downright hilarious. 5$ some of his followers are totally gonna say that means nothing and "you don't need to be guilty of something to be fearful of investigation!!!"
People keep screeching that the context was "Since he's being investigated, he meant he could get any MAGAing done! That's what he meant!"... Completely ignoring the fact that he yelled at Sessions for not specifically protecting him from being investigated and, you know, obstructing justice.
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