• A top progressive pundit says mainstream Democrats are worry about Bernie S. win
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https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/18/cenk-uygur-on-why-democrats-are-afraid-of-bernie-sanders.html Sen. Bernie Sanders is making mainstream Democrats nervous.
If you're not giving the public what they want, then you should be worried about losing to someone who will. This is the core problem of the Democratic Party. They want to be able to command their voters to accept whatever candidate the party tells them to vote for.
"Bernie right now has a better chance of winning than the rest of field combined," said Cenk Uygur, founder of progressive news network TYT and host of "The Young Turks," who supported Sanders in 2016. Uygur has not decided whom he will back in 2020, but says he likes Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Is it really news that Cenk from TYT thinks Bernie's a threat to the DNC establishment?
Same reason he lost in 2016, too. If the people want to elect Bernie to 1600 Penn Ave, then by god, he deserves to sit behind the Resolute Desk. Get with it, DNC, listen to your constituents for once.
That would upset our corporate donors though! If we get progressive policies in the party their potential for endless growth might be at risk!
People complain about infighting in the left, but it’s the reason why we haven’t descended into being completely unprincipled and uncritical of what we’re told to believe like the GoP is. The scary thing is that the democratic party clearly sees what the GoP has pulled off and wants the same for their own constituents.
Apparently, their corporate donors must have really loved the 2016 election
Their corporate donors probably feed both parties, if anything I think most of them genuinely enjoy the Trump presidency, with the whole tax reform and whatnot.
No shit they're scared, that's half the reason I believe there's fucking 20 Democrats running for President this time. They were so sure Clinton was going to win that I legitimately wondered if they had dementia.
its funny how the "Left Infighting" among the Democrats in the United States is actually the real left leaning people trying to get rid of the Center-right Neoliberals of the democratic party.
Well, there was infighting among the right, too, before the Tea Partiers took over. It was economic conservatives vs the degenerates. And the degenerates won.
Which is kind of a dumb idea on their part given the primary is FPTP. If too many of them run they'll just spoil the vote and Bernie will win by default.
At they end of the day, we need to accept a fundamental fact: The Democratic Party would rather have Donald Trump as president than Bernie Sanders. In 2016, this came to light only indirectly since Bernie Sanders was "defeated" during the primary. In 2020, if Sanders' polling and fundraising continues as it has, it will likely be exposed in a much more painful and destructive way. Hypothetical: What happens the day after Bernie Sanders wins the nomination? Answer: The DNC quietly shifts its support to Donald Trump - along with almost every major donor, superPAC, and PR firm in their service. I'm not being conspiratorial. This is the simple truth. The Democratic Party loves to claim the moral high ground and pay lip service to liberal ideals without delivering any real substance. The fact that they rarely offer anything beyond symbolic cultural progress isn't a bug - it's a feature. Donald Trump offers the Democratic Party a platform of perpetual victimhood; an eternal excuse for failing to deliver on their promises. Why would they want to replace him with a real populist? This will have a devastating effect on party unity and could cost us the election, again. More frightening, 2020 might be the last free and fair election we see for a long, long time. Trump has already inflicted massive damage on our institutions. Even if he were impeached tomorrow, it would take us decades to recover. Give him another four years, and the U.S. will look a lot like Russia - zero social mobility, ubiquitous corruption, a censored press, no public sphere, and the threat of imprisonment for simple protests. Democrats are incapable of understanding the threat we face. Sooner or later, the party will have to confront the contradictions forced upon it by the leadership. Hopefully, when that day comes, it will be under a Sanders presidency. Then maybe we'll stand a chance.
This is not new. After 1968 a progresive senator from South Dakota, George McGovern was tapped to reform the Democratic primary process, and he won the nomination with a grassroots campaign in 1972. The party leaders didn't support him, his VP was replaced at the last moment, and Nixon's dirty tricks and smears led to one of the biggest losses in US history. Superdelegates were created after McGovern and Carter subverted the party elites and lost in landslides.
God forbid actual liberals be the most popular left candidates instead of the corporation buddies
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