• Trump's golf club never refunded Robert Mueller when he resigned from the club
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https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/18/politics/mueller-trump-golf-club/index.html?no-st=1555642363 Washington (CNN) Special counsel Robert Mueller explained for the first time why he and his family left President Donald Trump's Virginia golf club in the redacted version of his report released on Thursday. The footnote on pages 80 and 81 of the redacted report released by the Justice Department on Thursday was one of the only times Mueller defended himself against criticism from the President. Trump had previously used the fact that Mueller and his family left the club to claim he had a conflict of interest. In October 2011, Mueller wrote a letter to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, resigning his family's membership, explaining, "we live in the District and find that we are unable to make full use of the Club," according to footnote 529 in the redacted report. In the same letter, Mueller asked "whether we would be entitled to a refund of a portion of our initial membership fee," which the report says was paid in 1994. The club responded about two weeks later saying the resignation would be effective October 31, 2011, and that they would be "placed on a waitlist to be refunded on a first resigned / first refunded basis," according to the report. The Muellers did not have further contact with the club, the report reads.
"So it was all just payback for him not getting a refund! Total witchhunt!"
Literally what Trump was trying to push "The President cited as conflicts that Mueller had interviewed for the FBI Director position shortly before being appointed as Special Counsel, that he had worked for a law firm that represented people affiliated with the President, and that Mueller had disputed certain fees relating to his membership in a Trump golf course in Northern Virginia," the report reads. The President's advisers told him these were not "true conflicts," according to the report, and Bannon told Trump the alleged golf course conflict of interest was "ridiculous and petty."
Ok I'll be open here, I'm actually secretly a Dump supporter who is trolling as a socialist and thought the Mueller report was all a big hoax But this is too far, I'm burning my MAGA hat and never doing this again. Dump has taken things too far. A golf membership is a thing to be honored, and a refund is a sacred thing.
"first resigned / first refunded basis," This sounds like utter nonsense.
It is.
The dumpfy is really detiorating, isn't he? I wonder when he's just gonna... Snap.
I think he snapped some time around the Home Alone 2 movie release. It's been the people around him that have propped him up. Do you think if he relied on himself only that he'd be anything other than working some middle of the road 9-5 office job?
But hey, it's A-OK to impose travel bans and tariffs on nations supposedly as revenge for not allowing you to build hotels there!
I think that if at any point in time you took Trump's money and fame away and required him to actually earn his keep he'd fucking collapse instantly and would start calling anywhere trying to cut a deal to license his name and put it on their building for $10 million. Pick any point in his career after his father died and wasn't around to bail him out, and if you suddenly downgraded him to middle-class living without his millions and his fame to lean on to scam more he'd fall apart.
Hell hath no fury like a highly experienced federal prosecutor denied his golf club membership refund
Imagine running a golf club where the amount of people seeking refunds is so high that you have a waitlist for it.
Easy, just make a waitlist and never pay it off. That's Trump 101.
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