• UKIP's Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) not sorry for MP rape comments
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https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-47974036 A YouTuber-turned-UKIP candidate who said he "wouldn't even rape" a female Labour MP has refused to apologise. Carl Benjamin wants to stand to become an MEP for the South West for UKIP in the European elections on May 23. Members of UKIP's Swindon branch said Mr Benjamin had only joined the local party recently and he should be deselected. That political career going well for you, benny boy ?
Oh my god I didn't realise this was Sargon himself, this explains so much.
"I'm not going to apologise for my crimes against political correctness, I hate political correctness," he said Yup, sounds about as intelligent as I'd expected.
Oh and as a bonus, have this fucking amazing headline from the sun: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/226771945897590785/569242404750753802/unknown.png
everything else aside, Count Dankula isn't a thug... he literally just taught his dog to do a Nazi salute to piss off his GF, oh well what do I expect from a shit tier tabloid like the Sun?
oh my god count dankula too? can boast about how i teamkilled a ukip mep candidate in insurgency to my grandchildren?
When you're too much of a cunt for UKIP, it's time to reevaluate your life.
isn't he an actual far-right nazi though
Might want to keep up to date on the news related to Dankula if you're gonna try to defend him. Yeah, he's spent most of his time following the nazi salute dog video associating himself with alt-right figures and eventually joined UKIP. It's no longer valid to say he was just making an edgy joke when he's been doubling down on it at every occasion he's had.
Shows you how low-quality our politicians are when clowns like Sargon are able to mount a political challenge without being laughed out of the room at the mere suggestion of it.
I get the feeling he's trying to play the Trump card (shoot me for the pun) but it's just going to backfire and he'll only be known as the weird rape guy and lose.
Can't stand Sargon, his followers think he is some kind of intellectual when he can't be bothered to actually read supporting material for his arguements. He usually looks like a fool when he leaves his echo-chamber.
He was laughed out of the room? It shows the low quality of UKIP that they let him on but this is the first opportunity I'm aware of that he's been outside and people already laughed at him. Look at the sun's headline.
I guess adsense isn't paying as well as it used to.
He may be a cunt and alt right but getting fined for the video is still a joke as big as him.
That's true, although I reckon it'd be fun if the dog ran as a UKIP MEP too considering the quality of the other candidates.
tbh I wonder if he would have gotten away with nothing but a stern telling off if he hadn't decided it was a good idea to start a fucking media crusade. Or actually spent the time getting legal aid from people who actually knew what they were on about.
Probably, but then he wouldn't have profited from it.
At this point I feel like the fine had less to do with just the video and more to do with the entire shitshow he put up afterward. As hexpunk said, a slap on the wrist is probably the most he would have gotten if he hadn't made it such a big jerkoff moment.
As if the disgraceful use of Sargon the Greats name wasn't bad enough.
It should have never fucking happened in the first place. It's a joke with a dog, and hypocritically even after the courts literally saying "Context of the phrase doesn't matter, all that matters is the fact that you said it," journalists talking about it have said the phrase multiple times and yet they haven't been charged. If the context of the situation in which it is said is irrelevant, then the journalists who reported on it are just as guilty as he is.
Welcome to the real world, asshole. Enjoy discovering the concept of consequences for being a douchemerchant.
His entire "Career" is just saying he doesn't believe his actions should have consequences, he's basically an internet troll's advocate which consequently made him popular among the worst of the internet, and a pariah among anyone with a decent head on their shoulders.
I know. And it'll be cathartic to see this champion of trolls dragged out into reality and utterly stomped on by functioning adults.
UKIP is using these elections to give high paying jobs to a bunch of alt-right YouTubers who will have no obligation to actually do the work that comes with the job title
It's not that he doesn't know what happens, he's gotten pissed at people for insulting him outside of youtube (sometimes unintentionally) multiple times in the past. He's just convinced that he deserves our respect because he's sufficiently demonstrated his moral superiority over the far right, and that not being shown that respect is evidence of the SJWs' corrupting influence.
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