• UKIP's Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) not sorry for MP rape comments
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When a forum/youtube goblin emerges into the real world
Imagine not apologizing for doing a shitty thing because you think SOME people might not accept it. You brought up Pewdiepie but despite a lot of people not accepting his apology, he would have been a HELL of a lot worse off if not only did he not apologize, but he came out saying he didn't do anything wrong. I feel like people who claim you should never apologize had messed up childhoods where they developed a crippling fear of showing weakness even if it's the right or even advantageous thing to do at the time.
Generally you apologize because you've come to realize what you said was wrong and you feel bad for saying it. He has said multiple times that he said what he did to be deliberately antagonistic towards the MP in question because she was making fun of male suicides. It's quite clear that he has no remorse for his actions, so why should he apologize? It would be hollow and completely meaningless for him to do so because he feels no regret for his actions.
It's quite impressive how you've gone so far in a thread about specific Sargon comments, without ever addressing said comments. Great example of "never play defense"
Ya, I feel like enough was said about his specific comments. So I decided to talk about another element of this situation, the intention for not feeling guilt for the comments. From reading the comments he made myself, it makes no sense for him to apologize for them, and I'm trying to explain that from his perspective as well as my own perspective. First, @DaCommie1 sums it up right there. Why would you expect him to apologize for that knowing his stance on speech? IMO, Sargon knows he is gonna get grilled irrespective of apologizing or not. And when I look at those past examples where other people/companies have said offensive shit, it leads to just backpedaling and failed damage control. Sargon knows that. Now we got people come out and saying: its easy to say sorry, its common decency, etc. etc... I get it. Well clearly, Sargon has higher priorities. You are within your right to shit on him. Then some people here almost turned the thread into a topic about me, asking me irrelevant shit like do I hang around human beings or implying I have some chip on my shoulder about apologizing. Few posts above I somehow spawned an armchair psychologist. No idea what you mean by "never play defense". But if you want me to say something specific about his comment, fine, I'm not incapable of doing that. He certainly behaved extremely immaturely, he's got me sitting here thinking "Is this the best you can come up with?". Saying "I wouldn't even rape you" is such a weird thing to say when you're not a rapist, its a true statement. Its like a vegan looking at a slice of bacon and saying "I wouldn't even eat you". Well of course, that's why you're a vegan. The more I think about this, the funnier this insult gets because ultimately, it makes no sense.
The reason so many people are talking about you specifically is your arguments are built on the back of what appears to be a general misunderstanding of the concept of an apology and why people make them. Your arguments come off as bizarre and nonsensical because you're literally arguing that no one that ever said or did anything shitty and offensive should acknowledge fault because you're either a child who refuses to acknowledge they did anything wrong because no one will pat me on the head and tell me im a good boy when I do, or you can just hide the fact you're a dumbass behind the old "but free speech" card.
So, this was too good for me to not share around, and it appears to have started something: https://i.redd.it/3mm0mvm60ut21.png https://i.redd.it/kls6p3h21nt21.jpg This one is just too racist for me to embed, contains multiple uses of the N word. https://i.redd.it/kmmzgbwnmtt21.png
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