• FBI arrests head of New Mexico militia group which detained migrants
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Reminds me of this strip from Preacher https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChJMljXWkAAuEsh.jpg Not to mention this sets a dangerous precedent, sooner or later someone from one of these vigilante groups is going to go too far when "detaining" a supposed illegal immigrant and get them killed or seriously injured. I'm actually surprised that I haven't heard something like it already.
So I guess Trump is gonna pardon this gang
This is why I go through my cum with a magnifying glass and pick out the sperm cells that look like they're end up being racist and bigoted or short.
Yet they die just like anyone else. A mosin usually runs for <200$ and 7.62 punches through whatever milsurp shitty body armor these idiots probably bought off gunbroker.
Yep sounds pretty fucking legit to me. Anywhere else this would be considered comitting or conspiring domestic terrorism, but for some reason people feel the need to misinterpret these LARPers as lawful citizen patrols.
Why is that people like this, always have some form of stolen valor or misleading clothing. Such as Rangers,Sniper or Special Forces when they probably never enlisted or enlisted and did a 4 year stint as a waterdog or a vehicle mechanic. It's crazy how many people like this exsist.
They want to feel like heroes, but they're almost never cut out for real life.
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