• State media: NIH move to oust Chinese scientists ‘will backfire on US’
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https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3007089/cancer-centres-move-oust-chinese-scientists-will-backfire-us rhetoric continues shifting towards a more confident, aggressive China State tabloid says China could retaliate ‘in a necessary way’ after decision taken over suspicions of Chinese efforts to steal American technology. “How could Washington think that it can stop China’s scientific progress by preventing Chinese from attending seminars in the US and recruiting fewer Chinese students at its science and engineering colleges?” the editorial said. “This is a move by US policymakers to bring comfort – these measures are like a sleeping pill to help them through a restless night.”
Threatening us because you got caught stealing again? Man the least you could do is just try again later instead of acting like a bitch about it.
Shush, petulant one, and stop trying to steal everything you want.
Fuck off, China.
Isn't most of China's "Scientific progress" mostly from stealing from other countries and/or completely copying other countries. Such as nearly all Chinese military tech is mostly knock-offs of Russian and US gear.
I don't think i'd make it very far in any big corporation that has a large stake in China, since i'd be calling them out on their bullshit all the time and not caring if an important Chinese businessman was within earshot or not.
Most of their 'papers' are basically translations with just a little bit of word change.
There is good science done in China but the signal-to-noise is so much worse that it's second nature to be sceptical whenever you see something from a Chinese institute.
Never expect anything more than cheap knockoffs from a country that is itself a cheap knockoff of Taiwan.
Chinese Citizens and businesses are required to work with/for Chinese intelligence by LAW. Which makes really any Chinese researcher working outside China a potential security risk, so that shouldn't be a suprise.
remember the bmw X3? yeah they have a SUV that is "totally not an X3 with a different badge"
The US, for all intents and purposes, started the threats and aggressive actions towards China with the trade war. All of what happens, Trump has wrought.
China has been stealing American secrets long before the Big Orange even announced his candidacy. Not to mention their warmongering in the South China Sea, their threats against Taiwan, et cetera. Hell, the whole reason Obama made the "Pivot to Asia" a central part of his foreign policy was because of China - all of which China greeted with a tight smile and honeyed words, while continuing their aggravations regardless. America isn't perfect, but to say we started this debacle would be a gross distortion of the truth. Trump took it up to eleven and kept going, but China has been pulling this shit for a long time.
Would it be more accurate to say they've been much more openly hostile since Trump started his shit?
No, not quite. They've been aggressively positioning themselves in the South China Sea over the course of Obama's presidency. They've been a rising star for a long time and now they're starting to throw their weight around. China's just being a dick and Trump has nothing to do with it.
China's been infiltrating foreign corporations/governments for decades to steal everything that isn't nailed down, this was going on since before Trump was in Kindergarten.
it's been happening for a long time, it has already happened (past tense), we have "lost," and we are only now dealing with the fallout in any serious way (and no I do not credit that to Trump, it's been more of an awakening across institutions)
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