• Reporter asks Mueller about his report, drawing a 'no comment'
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https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/reporter-asks-mueller-about-his-report-drawing-no-comment-n996821 https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1120009030875975681?s=09 Think this is the first time our boi has actually publicly said a single word since being appointed as Special Counsel, there is a previous clip of a reporter questioning him in the hallways of Congress but he literally pokerfaced the dude and continued walking with zero reaction
In an era of politicians and the media making a big retarded shitshow of nothing "No comment" is the only thing I want to hear
This just proves no collusion and Hillary is guilty. Disclaimer: This is a joke, please don't take it seriously. Trump is still guilty as fuck.
Finally we get to see Shillary Cunton behind cold iron bars
Gotta vaguely respect him, in a principle sense. He knows his job was to investigate; not to make any kind of judgement or decision, just investigate and present. Any comment he could possibly make would put a sway/bias in things, and errupt a shit-storm. The report has to be subpoenaed and run through its course. No other way.
Mueller knows exactly how the media works and how to evade journalists.
Mr Mueller refusing to comment to the media is hardly exceptional behaviour worthy of commendation. All bureaucrats are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner.
This is correct, but the bar has been lowered so much the past few years that someone behaving professionally is newsworthy.
you'd think but then Ken Starr is basically what everybody thinks special prosecutors should be
What an asshole of a journalist
Kinda feel bad for him for being harassed on the streets while he's trying to live his life but this is also something he has to be able to handle to be the head of the FBI, which he was
I am inclined to agree with you, but you can't just throw that buzzword around like that
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