• CNN: What we learned watching Robert Mueller's office for 18 months
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https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/21/politics/robert-mueller-stakeout/index.html Pretty interesting article from reporters who staked out the special counsel's office for the entire length of the investigation. Highlights include one of Mueller's prosecutors approaching them to ask if Mueller had turned up for work yet, top prosecutor Peter Carr coming back to an ice cream truck for seconds, and deets about how they figured out Roger Stone had been indicted and were able to get his arrest on camera.
That's a really creepy headline, CNN.
The media has a really obnoxious addiction to drama where none is I wish CNN's mentality wood fuck off
Personally I think it's good that they're doing this. Even while it's not spectacular, it's still interesting. Additionally: They can't quite know that's nothing going to happen. In this case it netted them being able to witness a high-profile arrest. That nothing much came of the observation in this case doesn't mean that actions like this are fruitless in general (or they wouldn't be doing them). It also looks like they didn't spend too many resources on it.
There was an interview Jon Stewart did on Fox News with Chris Wallace about bias in the media a while ago, and Jon Stewart was talking about how the media is biased towards sensationalism, conflict and laziness. It's more a problem I have with the media in general than this specific event, but this event does perfectly capture the first two of those biases.
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