• Elizabeth Warren releases student debt cancellation and free college plan
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I'd be happy if someone reformed FedLoan to not be an absolute piece of shit that refuses to respond to my repayment plan even as I'm about to run out of money
Warren desperately needs more airtime and I say it should come out of beto and buttgieg's coverage.
Curious, what is all that paid money used for in government anyway?
It gets recirculated into lower education programs, and inner city schools who lack funding. /s
I'd actually go to school if this happened.
I haven't FINISHED my degree because I cannot afford it. I got 30k in debt and they suddenly said, "sorry, that's all you're approved for" and since then Ive been stuck in limbo. Just slowly working and finished a little at a time. The only thing worse than being in debt from getting a degree is being in debt from a degree you don't even have. It's this awesome cycle of, "can't pay the degree because I dont have the job. Don't have the job cause I dont have the degree". I should post all this in the "Things that make you mad thread". Point is, I hope that either Sanders or Warren or someone with a college plan gets into office so that so many of my generation stuck in this TRAP can finally get out.
most likely the military.
it goes into walls and bombs!
And then that money goes into some hole in the ground that way too dark to see the bottom of.
Sanders+Warren 2020 when?
war machine
Warren may be struggling to get a word in right now but she is gonna have a beefy set of policies to talk about in the debates once they get going
This is great news for me as a college student.
It's great news for everyone with few exceptions. Time to implement some MMT policy and step into the 21st century. This would be life-changing for millions of Americans.
How large a portion of the US voterbase are people with student debt?
You guys seem pretty optimistic about this actually happening
Large enough to be of epidemic proportions but small enough to lack the power the change the laws
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