• Turtle Cunt pledges to be the "grim reaper" for progressive legislation
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Sometimes hardcore is the way it has to be, and if these folks have proven anything, they do not care to compromise and will gladly follow their leaders into the abyss even if it cost them everything. Honestly I feel it's no longer a question of trying to reason with these folks, but to be ready to push back, stop them at all cost. They don't care, and if we give them an inch they will take 1,000 miles and claim we are the bad guys. Off with their heads, as Legolover said.
I'd rather we not set the precedent of killing politicians while we have a large segment of the country who would love to kill the politicians on our side
True, I'd rather it never come to violence, I was raised in a house of violence and it doesn't help anyone...but I won't sit here and act like they wouldn't make the first move to so to us. Don't think I say shit like that without a heavy heart, it kills me that our country has become so divided, but at what point do we stop turning our cheek? I hope to whatever God can hear me that we figure this out and can come together as nation, but I don't hold high hopes for their side to be reasonable.
This is offensive to the Grim Reaper himself. Reaper is at worst a guy who does his job without any bias. At best - like in the Discworld series - he's a genuinely great guy who cares more about humans (and animals!) than every single elected cunt with an R by their name.
Bold of you to assume he cares about anyone.
Kentucky is full of extremely poor rural workers and struggling farmers that would benefit hugely from more progressive policies and the legalization of marijuana to finally replace our dying tobacco industry. They are too uneducated to realize this because our republican government has been defunding the education system for decades. The republican party wants the general populace to be poor, unhealthy, and uneducated because it directly benefits them. They do not have anyone's interests at heart. Stop voting R. The main population centers (Louisville, Lexington) aren't enough to sway the vote unfortunately. If you live in Kentucky and are old enough don't be another statistic in the no-turnout group, get out there. It's hard to change the ~80% Republican majority vote but it will never change if you don't try.
If only everyone understood that no vote is a wasted vote other than not voting at all. A single vote can sway everything and yet we still get people with the attitude of nothing will change, of course nothing will change if you don't vote you fucking dipshit.
Would anybody happen to have the actual reaper on speed dial? This is one turtle species in which I’d be delighted if they went extinct. Fuck McConnell.
Because a very large chunk of republican voters don't read policy and all they care about is lip service. American is the land on enlightened self interest, and this is not even it's final form.
Go ahead and joke about it, McConnell. The Reaper's coming for you soon enough.
The world is held back by people like him. Its about time the world leaves people like this behind.
He's from kentucky and even then he's the least popular senator in the country.
He barely won. He nearly lost; he's actually not that well liked in the state he represents but they've gerrymandered it so hard.
The only reason I can't condone violence against people like this is because of how fractured our people are right now Were we all fighting under the same flag against tyranny, I'd say why not. But we'd only be getting retaliation from the portion of the populace who have become deluded by the oppressors.
Give them a taste of what life would be like under the policies they're consistently decrying and they'll turn around pretty damn quick.
at the risk of sounding hilariously edgy, I want McConnell to suffer when he goes
Don't worry, we all do.
You guys can only hope he dies, and dies soon.
At this point I don't care if they're natural or not
No, they won't. If a republican suffers because of republican policies, the lesson they'll take away is that it should only affect other people.
Personally, I got sick of playing the good guy when playing the good guy let fascists determine my future. They do not play by the rules we do, and I won't bat an eye when fire meets fire. Sending Americans to their graves over petty political rivalries should send McConnell to his grave
i wouldn't say barely won, he still won 56% vs grimes' 41%, but it is true that he's becoming unpopular. hopefully the past few years has inspired more kentucky constituents to vote
All I can say is, if I was a young, charismatic Democrat, I'd view KY as the land of opportunity. Even in the deep south, running against one of the most unpopular politicians in the country would be a good shot if the base can mobilize.
There needs to be a Grim Reaper for McConnell so this parasite can be removed from office.
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