• Russia blames US for Venezuela power crisis, calls it "Operation Blackout"
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/23/operation-blackout-is-underway-russia-blames-us-for-venezuela-power-crisis In an interview with the Moscow-funded broadcaster RT, however, Russia’s deputy defence minister, Alexander Fomin, backed Maduro’s version of events. But the US was not a country to “sit idly [by]”, Fomin added. Instead, it was “employing … a broad range of techniques” in its effort to remove Maduro, including a “man-made shutdown of [Venezuelan] energy facilities”. “Operation Blackout is underway,” Fomin was quoted as saying.
Alternative title: "Russian propoganda outlet blames tired scapegoat US over collapse of country that imploded due to its own corrupt governments gross mismanagement."
Our current administration isn't smart enough
That's bullshit, but I believe it. Russia is smarter stonger bigger and putin would totally fuck up trump in a fist fight.
Russia's penchant for conspiratorial thinking is staggering. Putin in particular maintains a level of paranoia that borders on insanity. There have been countless cases of spontaneous, pro-democracy protests popping up all over Europe in which Putin, being a former spy, saw the invisible hand of the CIA or State Department. In reality the U.S. had nothing to do with these protests, but because spontaneous protests never happen in Russia without the government's approval, Putin concluded that the U.S. had to be involved somehow. Apparently it never occurred to him that protesters on the Maidan in Ukraine simply Yanukovych's guts and everything about Russia's totalitarian style. Masha Gessen recounts this fascinating story of Putin calling Moscow from his post in Dresden during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and receiving no response and no orders, basically left out in the cold as everything fell apart around him. Apparently this was a traumatic event for him, in which he realized the frailty of government, and it was the moment he vowed never to be vulnerable to that kind of fear again. Hence his totalitarian views were born. Nothing has the ability to destroy nations like conspiratorial thinking. We've already seen the effects of Putin's paranoia in Russia, and now we're seeing it among the electorate in the U.S. ("deep state" and so forth).
So when is it going to be revealed that Russia sabotaged Venezuela's power grid all along, and this was all a ploy to get them to allow Russian troops to be stationed there as some kind of new non-nuclear Cuba-style check on American influence and power projection Gotta go full conspiracy when it comes to Russia. Giving them the benefit of the doubt is how they get ya.
But but, Russia is a good guy, very terrific, quality folks. They don't want to hurt us, they just want my tower, no collusion!
Given the US' track record in south american, I wouldn't doubt some CIA assets were put in to get the people even angrier with Maduro and revolt harder.
Are we sure they were not reading that one Stormfront manual called Ethnic Cleansing Operations, which literally uses the same operation name/methods?
I mean modern Russia is still a fan of ethnic cleansing, so maybe.
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