• U.S. Moves to Stop All Nations From Buying Iranian Oil
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Cool! Next stop: the Saudis. Wait...
They really want their regime change
Implying China would listen to the US
tbh china is better at democracy than we are. also if we want real change the queen has to start making moves again and make russia, china, and india bitchass puppets so we can prevail.
All the checks put in to stop the Chinese presidential position from abusing power like the 1960's have been removed under Xi's administration. It's been the most competent and well organized dictatorship on the planet ever since Xi was officially declared president for life.
These guys REALLY want to start a war with someone don't they Looks like they're having a tough time with Venezuela so it's onto Iran
Lets hopes so. No one wants the 21st century to be the Chinese century.
All the ingredients are there for a political death struggle: massive corruption? check. Massive government negligence? Check. Lack of a dynamic and strong banking system? Check. Oppressive regime? Check. The CCP is also uniquely running into a systems collapse scenario where they're expanding so rapidly that they're encountering and causing more and larger problems that are not only expensive to leave alone would be more expensive to fix. Drained aquifers, fucked up landscapes that kind of stuff. What people don't realize is that the CCP is a desperate gamble to reclaim its title as #1 country in everything at any cost in the shortest amount of time and they're destroying everything that made China great to get there.
I don't disagree.
I'm not even giving it 15 years, Xi will be in power until the first great recession China endures, at which point the middle class's vast apparent wealth will vanish over night and there will be anger in the streets as to where the money all went.
Will they follow the Japanese by throwing money year after year at the economy and massively inflate debt to "kick start it" too?
Isn't that what they're doing though? their debt/gdp is over 255% and very likely much more given the opaqueness of their banking system and how it launders debt down to the local governments.
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