• Israel run by Netanyahu’s ‘rightwing racist government’, Bernie Sanders says
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https://www.rt.com/news/457284-sanders-netanyahu-racist-government/ https://youtu.be/3ZzjMuXNBrw
I mean, he's not wrong. Probably why Republicans get on with the Israeli administration so well, aside from the whole "buttering them up to eventually backstab them and seize the holy land for Christian America" bit.
Isn't there some crazy death cultist shit going on where they hope that the Jewish people all return to Israel so that it aligns all the Dragon Balls and Chaos Emeralds and resurrects Christ or something crazy like that? Or was the person who told me that just drunk on pain pills?
Yeah, some evangelists believe that the end times will come once the jews have taken back the holy land.
Dear god, Obama was actually onto something! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/198768/be06659d-6994-4f96-9f94-074c451c8faf/image.png
Checkmate Israeli government, you can’t publicly denounce a Jewish person as anti-semantic... Or can you...?
they can, have, and will again. Bernie just isn't the right kind of jew to understand the plight of israel or something like that. Also RT as source, are we allowing that again?
The OP might as well just cut the article out and let Bernie speak for himself. I'm sure the news will hit other, more respectable outlets within the day.
Non RT sources Democratic candidates slam Netanyahu ahead of Israeli elections Bernie Sanders slams Netanyahu's government as 'racist' | TheHil.. Sanders
What the fuck that's like something from Vampire: The Masquerade ahhahaha holy shit.
Trump's a cross between a Nosferatu and a retarded Malkavian, I think.
Can't wait for this guy to push a limp-wristed two state solution out. Very sure all parties won't try to work around it, yes sir. People keep saying this conspiracy theory as if it's a fact yet I have yet to meet someone who seriously believes this. In this day and age, this should mean something. I know I'm speaking from experience vs fact, but I've met (and made fun of) flat earthers, anti-vaccers and 9/11 "truthers". I've called "not-racist" holocaust deniers skinheads, and I have yet to meet a single person who spouts this conspiracy theory. Not to say none exist, but there are probably not a lot of people who seriously believe this. Even less who would think this is a good thing
you have people sitting in your current government genuinely thinking trump is appointed by god himself, yet this seems implausible to you?
Well, yeah. Even if you are a believer, I doubt the end times themselves will be very pleasant. Maybe the end of them, but not the times themselves. As an aside, this would mean that Trump is the antichrist... Maybe they are onto something...
ya for those that think the whole 'Evangelists believe Israel will start the Cataclysm' thing, Mike Pence is the 2nd in line to control our country, probably likely the next republican presidential candidate and genuinely believes that.
The point is that it's supposed to allow evangelists to ascend to heaven while everyone else goes to purgatory. The ultimate "fuck you, got mine" move.
Every conservative's wet dream.
What, lol? Protestants don't even believe in purgatory, and not even Catholics believe what you just said. Honestly, the atheist/nominally religious FP bubble is so incredibly ignorant of what people actually believe.
Considering how temperamental some theists can be, picking and choosing tenets of their faith as they like, I can't exactly blame said 'bubble'.
A post critiqueing something that no one believes gets nothing but likes here. If that's not a perfect example of what I'm talking about, then I don't know what is.
Oh, so Christian Evangelists just believe everyone goes to heaven after the end of days, regardless of religion? I don't think so. I don't care if it's Catholic purgatory or just hell, limbo or whatever. The point is that Christian Zionists want to trigger the end of days, which according to their beliefs will only benefit them.
Why is it that you tell me things that ACTUAL CHRISTIANS I KNOW have told me are things "No one believes in"? Where do you get the authority to speak so flatly for your religion? And all of it's subgroups?
Some people hold that any views that they hold can never be associated with fringe elements, unless they hold the same view as those fringe elements in which case they are not a fringe but actually an invisible majority. However views that aren't theirs, or worse are opposed to theirs, not only must be associated with their fringe elements, but are in fact defined by them exclusively.
The Left Behind series has sold 80 million copies. Do you not know what the "Rapture" is? It's when all the "real true Christians" get painlessly whisked away to heaven before the tribulations and don't have to go through any of the bad stuff. I am baffled that you don't know about this, almost every conservative evangelical I've ever met believes in this (despite the biblical support being spotty at best).
Please cite a single Christian preacher and/or church that believes Christians skip purgatory while everyone else has to go there. I'm calling BS because that isn't a view of any Christian group I've ever heard of. It totally misunderstands the entire function of purgatory in Catholic belief.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purgatory Uh... "The Catholic Church holds that "all who die in God's grace and friendship but still imperfectly purified" undergo this process (which the Church calls purgatory), "so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven". " So the saved do skip Purgatory. Was that really as hard as you think it was going to be?
Building off of what HumanAbyss pointed out, several protestant denominations hold beliefs similar to Purgatory, but without calling it that. This includes Orthodox Churches, Anglicans, Methodists and LDS folks. It's like right there in the wikipedia article.
To be right wing is not illegitimate and it is odd that the Democratic Party allows one of its senior members to not respect the democratic choice of the State of Israel. God, fuck off you cunt Also, I agree with Bernie but I'm not sure if him saying this was a brilliant idea.
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