• Supreme Court appears likely to allow citizenship census question
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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-census/supreme-court-conservatives-sympathetic-toward-trump-census-citizenship-query-idUSKCN1RZ0X9 During an extended argument session that lasted about 80 minutes, the court’s liberal justices voiced skepticism over the administration’s stated justification for the citizenship question - that it would yield better data to enforce the Voting Rights Act, which protects eligible voters from discrimination. The court has a 5-4 conservative majority, and conservative justices signaled support toward the administration’s stance. Chief Justice John Roberts challenged New York Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, whose state sued the administration over the plan to add the question, saying citizenship is critical information for enforcing the Voting Rights Act. The case comes in a pair of lawsuits by a group of states and localities led by New York state, and a coalition of immigrant rights groups challenging the legality of the question. The census forms are due to be printed in the coming months. Opponents have said inclusion of the question would cause a sizeable undercount by frightening immigrant households and Latinos from filling out the census, fearful that the information would be shared with law enforcement. This would cost Democratic-leaning areas electoral representation in Congress and federal aid, benefiting Republican-leaning parts of the country, they said.
Put a question about citizenship on the census. Undocumented immigrants don't answer the census. Census results come out: "See! Trump got rid of all the illegals!"
He did it! He made America great again!
This will make nearly every big city in the United States lose federal bucks and make most blue states, and Texas and Florida lose congressional seats.
What happens is you leave that one blank?
what's the point of even employing people at any federal agency when the political appointee can just ignore and do the exact opposite of what every single person in their agency says.
Imagine if Texas lost a significant amount of electoral votes because of this Maybe this is intentional because Texas is at risk of flipping blue for the first time in decades
it would actually make it easier to gerrymander because urban areas would be massively undercounted so their population would be allotted less representatives and make it harder to argue against cracking and packing.
It is what they must do as their base ages and dies.
well the scotus appears to finally want to answer whether gerrymandering for political purposes is legal so its necessary to fuck up the census in case they do make it illegal. Another Congress could order a new census though and I think we will see results of this census challenged in court again given that the scotus seems like they will rule in favor on the basis of "Well you just don't know" which was how the VRA got gutted
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