• Arizona senate proclaims pornography to be a public health crisis
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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/arizona-state-senate-passes-bill-deeming-pornography-a-public-health-crisis/ https://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2019/05/06/senate-proclaims-pornography-a-public-health-crisis/ "HCR 2009, approved by the Senate on a 16-13 vote, asserts that pornography encourages violence against women, leads to infidelity and eating disorders and can be addictive." "The legislation has no effect on the law and serves simply as a statement of the Legislature."
" pornography encourages violence against women, leads to infidelity and eating disorders and can be addictive" Sounds like something you'd hear from an Islamic country.
and eating disorders and can be addictive I guess obesity doesn't exist in Arizona.
This is some Uganda shit lmao.
Last time I checked I watch fetish videos every few days and I don't go around thinking about sex every waking moment of my life. Hell, it only pops up maybe once or twice a day.
Or a christian one.
ah god bless the south, please do already, there are a lot of folks down there suffering at the hands of their fellow men because they believe socialism will bring your wrath down upon them. and do the same for the north while you're at it for the same reasons.
Britain's new porn pass requirement comes into effect fairly soon, where you'll need to go to your local shop and have your card scanned so you can be branded with "NON-CONFORMIST" by your friends, family and local area. So yeah, not just a third world thing.
So when do we find out this guy has been cheating on his wife, that's usually how these people work.
Porn doesn't damage people, what damages people is being scared to teach people at young ages that porn is fake, just like video games. I've known parents who found out their child was watching porn and made it out like they were a bad person for it, rather than sitting them down and discussing with them that porn is acting. That there's a difference between real life and somebody paid money to be plowed by 3 different people at the same time. It's why I dislike those let me block all adult sites type of folks, because then your kid goes and watches it at a friends house. My dad found out I was looking at porn at a young age and didn't shame me, just said "Son, you know women aren't really like that, and it's all acting"
asserts that pornography encourages violence against women, leads to infidelity and eating disorders and can be addictive. Going to have to ask you to cite your sources there pal
How many times are people going to try this, and how many more times is it going to fail. Honestly, fuck off and do something useful for once instead of attacking things that are literally not important and are just made up issues. Same with attacking videogames.
I saw one boob when I was a kid and I've been eating ass non-stop since so I'd say the eating disorder part is true.
Considering that politicians who say something this outlandish, they usually have some skeletons in the closet, so If i had to guess, he watched some porn and cheated on his wife, and that's his source. Pure speculation of course. Proper education about how porn is fake and shouldn't be the expectation would quell a lot of this, but no one is going to do that because "it's not the proper Christian thing to do."
C'mon, this article is really overblown but the existence of obesity does not get rid of the reality of anorexia.
It goes on to claim, without any medical citation, that pornography is "potentially biologically addictive and requires increasingly shocking material for the addiction to be satisfied" leading to "extreme degradation." Off to a great start Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, said she supported the measure because pornography is an “epidemic.” It indirectly leads to violence against women and children, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted children, she said. If only we had stuff like feminism, proper Sex Ed and ways to get anticonceptives / safe abortions...yep, is all sci-fi, these problems can't be solved for now. Also: R-Snowflake There's a place there called Snowflake? Fitting for Republicans then Sen. Victoria Steele, D-Tucson, said denouncing pornography won’t make any real changes to how women are treated. All it does is allow lawmakers who voted for it to check a box saying they did something, she said. “The real issue is not necessarily pornography,” Steele said. “The real issue is around violence against women and toxic masculinity.” The declaration of a public health crisis should be limited to life-threatening issues like measles outbreaks in several states, Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai added. The AP reported Monday that 764 cases of measles have been diagnosed nationwide in 2019 — the highest number of reported cases since 1994. Arizona confirmed on measles case in Pima County in March, and another possible Pima County case was reported Wednesday, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. “The public health crisis in the U.S. really needs to be centered right now on the measles epidemic that is striking our country and our state,” Peshlakai said. “We really need to focus on those types of things that are life-threatening and fatal.” In addition to measles, the state could be declaring homelessness, opioid addiction or youth suicide public health crises before it turns to pornography, Sen. Lisa Otondo said. “I think there are really a list of other issues that take precedence,” she said. Glad there are people with a brain in there, sadly they don't have enough power :/
Where do I get police tape that just says PORN on it. I could use some of that.
While pornography isn't inherently harmful to the Adult consumer. It's definitely harmful to the performers who often get std's and they have to leave the industry and then start prostituting themselves on the street or go into stripping to make ends meet. Also the portrayal of women in particular in the professional pornography business is pathetic and degrading and they treat them like a piece of meat to have sex with. The professional porn industry is pathetic and sleazy they treat their performers like shit just for money. Verified amateur pornography particularly couples having sex is much better and ethical to watch then that drivel.
eating disorders from vore fetishists
First they came for the porn, and I did not speak out—      Because I was not a masturbator. Then they came for the Memes, and I did not speak out—      Because I was not a Shitposter. Then they came for the Games, and I did not speak out—      Because I was not a Gamer. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
I seriously don't get how someone could like vore.
Ci- -fucking- -tation.
Look at the latest trend in super hero movies, it's not about empowering people to do good it's all about the money. Everything is all about the money
Professionally made Porn is one of the most well self-regulated industries out there They are checked for STD's once a week and before every performance. You practically can't get an STD You're just objectively and factually in the wrong here. In fact you're so wrong that I know for certain that you're just making shit up. and NO, condoms do not help. Condoms create much more friction and often break due to the long hours of intercourse, meaning its actually LESS helpful.
Republicans are a public health crisis.
Its actually named after the two dudes who founded it, Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake
Just because it isn't real doesn't mean there isn't an agenda to subvert peoples morals to think insest is okay. Look at hollywood and Game of thrones as one example they're doing the same fucking thing. Or how about the whole genetic attraction bullshit. Debunking genetic sexual attraction
Do you have proof of this "agenda"? Just because a few forms of media play it for the taboo element doesn't mean there is a agenda against subveting our morals.
game of thrones is pro incest propaganda this is the hottest take I've seen in a while
I did that but my boobies ways are behind me.
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