• Saudi Arabia says its oil tankers among those hit off UAE coast
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Who the hell did this? An armed group, Iran, an Iranian armed group, is it a Reichstag fire for the Saudis? What a fascinating event
Very interesting. How do you do that kind of damage to 4 ships in a row without being noticed?
I don't think it was an accident
How wide are the holes? Is the width uniform between the ships? Doesn't look like a bomb because there's no soot like the USS Cole. They said it was struck by an object. My first thought was the hole was caused by the bulbous bow of a ship but that would also show damage above the hole from where the ships bow would've hit, similar to the damage seen on the USS John McCain: https://www.tampabay.com/storyimage/HI/20170822/ARTICLE/308229456/AR/0/AR-308229456.jpg You can see where the bow hit just above the hole. You can also see how uniform the hole is. Albeit this was caused by a much larger ship. Another thing is, a ship big enough to poke a hole like that in multiple ships would've caused commotion and wouldn't have been able to leave the scene without at least getting it's spotted. So what was it? Some kind of unknown anti ship kinetic weapon that rams ships? A submarine? What depth were the ships struck in? It would need to be a small submarine to creep around unnoticed in shallow waters, or could be from the sail of a larger sub in deeper waters. The ships will need to be drydocked and examined to see if anything scraped along the bottom. So far this seems to be the best picture: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/2303/production/_106936980_hi053926989.jpg Also gives you a good idea if the holes size, assuming there's no further damage under the water line. Iran does have minisubs, but it seems like using them as rams would be incredibly risky to the sub. Ghadir https://static.timesofisrael.com/www/uploads/2018/04/AP_840836998034.jpg https://static.timesofisrael.com/www/uploads/2018/02/AP_544017351561-640x400.jpg The sub has a beam of 3 meters, the struck vessel in the photo has a Beam of 32 meters, although it would be less on the stern. Other players in the region don't have submarines in service. Saudi Arabia wants to buy some from Germany, and UAE and Oman probably can't afford them/has no reason for them. There are others in the world who have small subs but it wouldn't make any sense for them to do this. The USA has operated midget subs in the past but I don't think we have any left to this day, so super secret false flag from the US doesn't seem likely unless we got secret stuff we don't know of (let's face it, we probably do) Iran seems like a prime suspect, but why? Why would they want to provoke Saudi and the US? Either that or it's someone wanting it to look like Iran. Either way, we'll need to see more pictures of the holes and get more information before being able to say for sure but that takes time.
I love you OvB. Your posts are almost always ridiculously thorough
they say attacked but there's no indication there was any explosions of any kind. the lack of details makes it hard to draw any conclusions
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R._Bolton I wouldn't put it past our security advisor to pull a Reichstag fire considering how much he hates Iran.
the confederates are back and they're attacking saudi arabia
I'm concerned an Iran war is inevitable, will be catastrophic for multiple countries.
Iran's army isn't a joke like Iraq's. They actually have some decent equipment and the US wouldn't go unscathed if a full on war broke out.
It's happening huh guys? Multiple major wars, planet is dying and facism is rising. Dark times.
The sad part is I think the US would be among the Axis powers this time around
Given what appears to be small dimensions and the inward facing metal, I kinda wonder if this is anything other than a torpedo with a concrete warhead. Hits at the waterline, does minimal damage, and punctures without detonation. Iran has the subs and it isn't exactly a high tech weapon.
Just because you have equipment doesn't mean you're automatically good with it. Iraq had US issued weapons,vehicles,etc Yet some how they were overrun by a group that arguebly smaller than the NVA and Viet Cong within a mater of months. US had a massive advantage in gear and training but still got a bloody nose by the Vietnamese.
https://splash247.com/limpet-mines-suspected-in-fujiarah-attacks/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Here's what a Limpet mine did to a Greenpeace ship decades ago: https://www.thelocal.fr/userdata/images/article/73f7d77f4b7a4860e3dcc8a9ee6767661049428db565046f3ffea92324a699d4.jpg Seems plausible. Can't believe I didn't think about it earlier. I've never seen the hole in the Greenpeace ship, so I assumed a mine/explosive would leave more signs
You are relieved of your duties as Middle-Eastern Ship Ballistic Forensics Expert. Why do you know these things?
In terms of international aggression, probably, but the civil rights situation in Iran means I would call them Axis in terms of their social policies.
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