• Vatican aide defies Italian police to restore power to homeless shelter
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/13/divine-intervention-vatican-aide-defies-police-to-restore-power-to-homeless-shelter Cardinal Konrad Krajewski broke a police seal to turn the electricity back on on Saturday evening in the building where 450 people, including about 100 children, had been living without lights or hot water since 6 May, according to Italian news reports The cardinal “was fully aware of the possible legal consequences, and acted in the conviction that it was necessary to do it for the good of those families,” sources close to the Vatican’s alms office told Adnkronos news agency. Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister and leader of the far-right League party, said he hoped the papal aide would pay overdue electricity bill, estimated at €300,000 (£260,000). She said that when utility workers returned to disconnect power again, they found a note from Krajewski and left the electricity running.
But this goes against that one passage in the Bible where Jesus kicks a beggar right in the goddamn face before telling him to pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a job.
Catholics are very different Evangelicals. In some extremes, they're virtually distinct faiths.
american catholics are virtually distinct from european catholics. The US diocese is deeply conservative
While it is true that a lot of American Catholics are, as my grandmother put it, "Baptists painted gold," it really isn't appropriate to generalize like this. My Aunt is a board member of a Justice Ministry, lead by Catholic churches cooperating with Lutheran, Unitarian and Methodist churches, that has tackled issues ranging from Police Brutality to HIV contraction from drug use in compassionate, meaningful ways. When the ministry isn't tackling social issues their volunteers travel around the state, meeting with parishioners who have requested help with an urgent matter - often a bill, sometimes with as little as 12 hours notice - then dispensing aid, often financial with no strings attached. (I could go on about this a lot, seeing the work her friends and colleague committed themselves too really softened my views on institutional religions.) Meanwhile, there are many Spanish Catholics who wouldn't mind seeing the return of Francoist Fascism in particular thins like the restoration of ancient Monarchical laws including sodomy and contraception prohibitions. And I do think Spain counts as Catholic. Poland's right wing is also deeply finger-locked with Catholicism, but I can't speak robustly about their particular local traditions or attitudes.
Categorically untrue. American Catholics are as diverse politically as the rest of America. Talk to anyone in my parish and you'll be hard pressed to find a single member who even remotely enjoys Trump as president. Its hard to say Catholics are always conservative when the only Catholic president the US has had was a Democrat. In fact, majority of the Catholic representatives in Congress are Democrats.
I think he meant religiously conservative, not politically conservative. Catholics in general are more reserved than say Lutherans or Baptists when it comes to religious dogma.
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