• Before DHS purge, officials opposed secret mass immigrant arrest plan
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https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/before-trumps-purge-at-dhs-top-officials-challenged-plan-for-mass-family-arrests/2019/05/13/d7cb91ce-75af-11e9-bd25-c989555e7766_story.html In the weeks before they were ousted last month, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and top immigration enforcement official Ronald Vitiello challenged a secret White House plan to arrest thousands of parents and children in a blitz operation against migrants in 10 major U.S. cities. According to seven current and former Department of Homeland Security officials, the administration wanted to target the crush of families that had crossed the U.S.-Mexico border after t he president’s failed “zero tolerance” prosecution push in early 2018. The ultimate purpose, the officials said, was a show of force to send the message that the United States was going to get tough by swiftly moving to detain and deport recent immigrants — including families with children. The sprawling operation included an effort to fast-track immigration court cases, allowing the government to obtain deportation orders against those who did not show for their hearings — officials said 90 percent of those targeted were found deportable in their absence. The subsequent arrests would have required coordinated raids against parents with children in their homes and neighborhoods. Senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller and ICE Deputy Director Matthew Albence were especially supportive of the plan, officials said, eager to execute dramatic, highly visible mass arrests that they argued would help deter the soaring influx of families.
Fucking Nazis
Im disgusted that people think all of their problems and insecurities stem from brown people in LA
So, was it illegals that they were planning to arrest? Or legal immigrants?
pretty fucking sketchy if even the people that were on-board with everything that has happened until now oppose this plan
eager to execute dramatic, highly visible mass arrests That sentence was going a totally different direction for a second.
Bear in mind that according to the article, opposition stemmed from the logistics of such a plan, not its ethics. They were all on board with it.
If you're referring to executions, it's already been shown that's what some of them want
https://i.gyazo.com/251ad4b0c5931b7c558d8a7b5ba0dc9b.jpg from: Shakeups at Homeland Security
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