• Saudi Arabia says its oil infrastructure attacked by drones
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God, I'd love to see their oil empire toppled, Saudi Arabia and it's dirty oil money have caused so many problems.
Oh boo-hoo, you and your dirty oil money have destroyed more than drones ever will
Long time coming TBH.
You're all rather eager to cheer on an attack by an unknown party with unknown goals. And if the ships leak oil and pollute the ocean, is that a price worth paying?
You guys do realize this is relating to the shitshow of "sabotage" by Iran right? This isn't just a case of the Saudis getting their teeth kicked. It's possible this could flick the on-switch for an engagement with Iran... For which we have two US carriers and a 10+ wing of B52s ready for.
I think the solution is obvious, build a canal through Oman to bypass the straights instead of getting along. Good thing Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman are on good terms, right?
Depends. If the attack happened on land, in an area that's secluded enough from natural habitats, and disables their infrastructure for long enough that they can't pump a significant amount of oil to its destination, which means less of it being burned for some amount of time, then it might be a net benefit from an environmental standpoint. Of course, I don't think the attack was environmentally motivated at all. But it's an interesting thought experiment.
To me it all reads like theater. It's just a script that concludes with the finale of dragging the US into war
They were attacked by Houthi rebels: https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-arabia-oil-pipeline-attacked-by-drones-11557835844
Keyword is Iran-backed. Bolton is going to have a hard on and try to use this as more reasons to invade Iran.
God I hate Bolton. You can just look at him and tell he enjoys his position WAY more than anyone should, and relishes in the thought of having his name attached to a conflict
I think saudi arabia should just fuck off.
I'm honestly expecting this all to be a false-flag attack engineered by the US and Saudis as an excuse to ramp up the war in Yemen and topple Iran's government Like call me crazy if you want but this is the exact kind of scenario that Bolton has been waiting for to fulfill his dream of bombing Iran, and considering that a US task force was deployed a week before these attacks is just way too convenient.
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