• 'It's good to be out': Weiner released from prison
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damn time flies
21 month sentence for sexting with a minor...
just in time to fuckup the 2020 election
What documentary was it that showed the live reaction of him, his press team and his wife all watching a news report on him JUST being caught for sexting again
It's still baffling to me how this fucker in sending dick pics to a minor somehow managed to set in the motion the butterfly effect of changing the outcome of a presidential election and change the course of history.
It's just called Weiner
Sentences for this sort of thing are so bizarre. That bus driver who raped a 14-year-old girl recently didn't even get any prison time.
risky google search
because (as the GOP purposfully forgets) they were threatening all sorts of actions to the fbi if they didn't iinvestigate hillary in a very public manner. All the bullshit about obama investigating trump is smokescreen from the fact that they knew trump was under investigation and yet still went on about hillary
Just search "video of Weiner sustaining massive damage" and it should come up
Trailer for anyone curious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjN15MkJV6s
Missed opportunity to say "prison unleashes its Weiner on the public"
https://i.imgur.com/CC0qYdE.png Didn't work for me
Thanks but that's not my kink.
Weiner may be out, but if Weiner gets his weiner out and doesn't put it back in Weiner will be back in before he knows it.
Put that Weiner back where it came from, so help me
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