• Poll: Sanders support among young voters drops 'sharply'
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https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/443547-poll-sanders-support-among-young-voters-drops-sharply The Morning Consult online survey of 15,342 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted between May 6 and May 12 and has a margin of error of 1 percentage point.
Why though?
Because a very large amount of his support was ONLY due to how disliked Clinton was
Just wait until Bernie will hopefully exposed Biden for them in few of these 12 officially planned party debates... eventually.
don't trust anything TheHill puts out in regards to polling, its editors are known for absolute breitbart tier trash and there's been quite a noticable drop in the quality of the election related stuff as 2020 gets near.
The Hill may be unreliable, but the polling organization, the Morning Consult, is merely mediocre, and not entirely unreliable. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/279792/39f31caf-b1b3-4fdb-a52b-c3f95d3cf2a2/image.png
I don't know much about the hill or morning consult but I think disregarding polling when it comes up with results you don't like is a surefire way to end up disappointed.
I stopped liking him as much when he switched his campaign focus from getting money out of politics.
Then what Democratic Party candidate you referred, besides you no longer liking Bernie?
This. I'm pretty sure most young people just hated 90s liberals and wanted an updated version, an Obama plus a few things they cared about. I doubt they actually want old fashioned socialists, they don't know anything about it and that old left is pretty culturally foreign. I've always been suspicious of reading too much into those polls about the popularity of socialism among young people.
Also a lot of young conservatives liked Bernie because he appealed to them as an outsider, but of course now they're mostly fully indoctrinated Trump cultists.
online survey yeah ok
Online surveys can be legitimate if done properly. Sites like Yougov are pretty well respected and are online.
After ~polls~ were predicting Hillary had a 90% chance to win 2016 I dont care anymore. I feel like polls were the tipping point that let Trump win, by giving left-leaning voters too much confidence that their side would win without their help. All that matters is that people dont use any excuse to not vote. Go vote in every election you're eligible for and pick the least-shit option. Please.
The issue is people will say one thing and then do another; that's what we found out during the Trump election victory. Every fucking poll pointed to Hilary winning but he lost because people were straight up lying to polls, including in person and phone polls.
Key states were pretty underpolled too though
It's pretty import to note the differences in polling still: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109738/b5fb81fc-18ae-4fa1-8203-576c3f6dcd52/image.png Yes he's leading, but the gap is pretty variable depending on who you look at. Also, there is this to factor in: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109738/31f72b72-1ac9-488c-8b73-8b3373e01372/image.png Media is definitely disproportionate in coverage at this point. With 4 times the media coverage, he only has a 8-20 point lead, and that is before a debate has even happened. I can't imagine Biden being a very popular pick compared to Bernie or anyone else once they actually start laying policy down.
I know a lot of young people who are against voting for Bernie because they think it’ll get Trump the win by splitting the democratic vote. Maybe this election they don’t feel like taking the risk like the last one?
Well, we've already seen bullshit polls exaggerating Biden's lead by oversampling older voters and undersampling young ones. Outliers with an axe to grind, I'd only be concerned about the polls THEMSELVES swaying people.
Has there been any kind of study or review of that having actually happened?
Younger voters tend to have worse turnout in countries with voluntary voting, so that seems to be a perfectly reasonable adjustment to make.
That's weird Emerson has him leading 18-29 year olds.
Do you not understand how probability works. There's a 90% chance she wins, the 10% happened and she lost. There's a 50% chance for you to get heads or tails. If there is statistically a 0.0000001% chance for every person who plays the lottery to lose, that does not mean nobody wins the lottery.
I think spaz understands how probability works. He's pointing out that most other people don't. Basically that most of the time people see a high probability, they assume they don't need to go and vote when in reality the high probability was predicated on that individual voting.
I understand how probability works. I'm saying that polls like that gave voters such confidence that they thought "oh, well, she'll win anyway and Im not hype to vote for her, I dont need to spend my time waiting in line to vote." I firmly believe that the vast majority of people will want to find any excuse to not vote because it's inconvenient in their day and they'd rather do something else, or they dont vote because they dont like the least-shitty candidate ~enough~ to put in the effort, either ignorantly unaware or callously uncaring of how that helps every worse candidate get closer to being elected. 41.9% of voting-age americans didn't vote in 2016. Over 100 million people. Are you going to tell me that all of them were unable to vote due to shit jobs not allowing the time or a crippling disability making it impossible to go to the polls? If that's true, jesus fucking christ, that'd be even worse. Trump lost the popular vote, and squeaked by with the thinnest chance to win with the electoral college. If just a bit more people bothered to get off their asses and vote, that could have been different. The last couple years could have been dramatically different. I'm pissed off with lazy voters and polls/articles that validate their excuses.
I’m so fucking tired of this line of thought.
I would almost wager that anyone shallow and mentally deficient enough to genuinely take that line of thought is more clueless than a Trump supporter at this point.
https://i.imgur.com/walNg1C.png Biden has certainly made a fuggin wave. We're still 6 weeks out from the first debate though, when you should start to see voters taking the choice more seriously and some of the 0% plebs dropping out
I swear to god, these idiots are going to hand Trump the presidency again.
Even if Biden wins, they basically are anyways considering I doubt Biden has the actual will and want, especially with how owned by corporations he is, to overturn all the decisions Trump has made and return the American people to 2015, much less an actually better state. Biden is such a shit candidate in almost all respects, worse than Hillary, considering his voting record, his creepiness, his corporate donors. What really does he even stand for? I can't believe people are supporting him.
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