• Sponsor of NC bathroom bill wins GOP primary for House special election
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https://apnews.com/072cea0f97414d7b88b1fb7f7defc793?utm_medium=AP&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A state senator best known as the sponsor of a headline-grabbing “bathroom bill” that voided anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people won Tuesday’s Republican primary in a special election for a congressional seat vacant since last year’s election was deemed tainted by fraud. Sen. Dan Bishop topped nine other GOP candidates seeking the 9th Congressional District nomination. In 2016, he sponsored House Bill 2, the law that voided a Charlotte ordinance expanding LGBT rights and prevented similar anti-discrimination rules anywhere else in the state. HB2 was nicknamed the “bathroom bill” because it also directed transgender people to use public bathrooms and showers that matched their birth sex. The measure made waves nationally and prompted boycotts by entertainers, governments and some businesses thinking about moving jobs to North Carolina. The special primary and general elections were required after the state elections board in February determined last year’s contest tainted when Republican Mark Harris used a political operative who collected mail-in ballots. Harris, who narrowly led after November’s votes were counted, opted not to run again.
N. Carolina GOP Well that's why
I'm rating this winner because I'm hoping this might result in a narrow Democratic victory, given that I've been informed by Borealis that the bathroom bill controversy was part of the reason the Dems took the governorship back. It'll probably Roy Moore vs Doug Jones levels of closeness, but I'm crossing my fingers.
Worrying about what bathrooms what gender uses is probably one of the dumbest fucking things to worry about I've ever heard. As if 1) The stick figure on the door acted as some magical shield that stops would be rapists and 2) WE ALL USE A GENDER NEUTRAL BATHROOM EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR FUCKING LIVES
My big thing is how the fuck do they plan on enforcing this? Are they going to require all public spaces with bathrooms to have a bouncer monitoring them at all operating hours? Are people going to have to show their birth certificate to take a whiz? Are they just going to stand by the door and cop a feel ala Crocodile Dundee to make sure "the right bits" are there?
I'm McReady for McCready He may be a milquetoast liberal but Bishop ran on being just as fucknuts insane as Harris, which seems to be how you win a Republican primary these days
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