• Fears of war with Iran as US orders embassy staff out of Iraq immediately
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Very few on this forum (as far as I am aware) have ever made a good & convincing case in favour of the draft. We congratulate you on continuing this record.
Iran had to let inspectors in and there were multiple countries that signed the deal that all agreed Iran was sticking to the deal North Korea just said Sure, We promise The US, Russia, China, UK, German, and the European Union all agreed to this deal, which allowed Iran to enrich uranium to a specific degree, and continue research, while being monitored and allowing IAEA inspectors to make sure they stayed on the up and up. Everyone agreed Iran was sticking to the deal. The US just terminated it because Obama did it so Trump must undo it. Remember, the Republicans aren't shit without a target to attack to rile its base up, Iran is perfect. North Korea never agreed to shit
Idk, they were compliant with the routine checks that were required as part of the deal? But i guess since fox said they weren't it must be true, and europe wants them to nuke them.
Mmm yeah, another war in the sandbox to throw all your money and men into for a decade. Smart idea, wars in the Middle East have worked out really well historically.
Here's the thing, if they do start a war it doesn't matter much to them if Trump wins again, it's still win-win for the Republicans, they either get another presidential term out of this or if they lose, they can just blame whatever shit happens afterwards on whoever the next democratic president is when the tries to clean up their mess and use that to win the next presidential elections(Eg. Obama trying to deal with the wars Bush started.)
While true. I think fleeing to Canada is the absolute worst reaction to not liking the fact that America is at constant war for no good reason. The best response would be voting responsibly and being a conscientious objector if you can even do that. Either way. The fact that America is pretty fucked up doesn't give people a free-pass to essentially luxury-migrate. If anything, America should be taking migrants and refugees in the wars it's waged these past 20 years and stop off-loading the consequences on Europe. There's absolutely nothing acceptable about American youths openly bragging about leaving a sinking ship their own passive attitude to politics has helped take on water. I don't want American refugees, because any person who leaves a country like America, that still somehow manages to have first-world status, is an entitled fucking twat and are gonna be demanding of others wherever they might go. It's cowardice and entitlement. Just vote. Get engaged. Don't make yourselves my problem. I didn't fuck my country to "own the libs".
So what's the reason the administration is rolling with to justify escalating tensions like this? Like, even if it's bullshit. Was it because that ship got attacked? As far as I can tell theres no justification other than "wartime presidents get reelected"
Oh boy, another pointless war to send indoctrinated kids to die in, for no reason.
Y'know, if a bunch of draft dodgers wanted to go to war they should have gone when their name was pulled during Vietnam.
Iran war would be a thousand times worse than Iraq. If we win, I'm sorry I cant even say we. If the American regime wins, we wont fix their infrastructure. Few years later it'll become another terrorist breeding ground. More more enemies for our military complex to point to for more war. Its ridiculous, it's just a huge racket where a circle of insane sociopaths can makes billions, even more. Why cant we get rid of them? They're wrecking our economy and environment.
I didn't "fuck my country to own the libs either." I have actively participated in voting since I was able to. I campaigned for Bernie in one of the reddest states. So do not tell me that I'm entitled and the cause of America's problems. A broken system is the cause and too many people are fine with that.
I would rather go to prison than be drafted, fuck this imperialist shitstain of a country, and fuck the capitalist system that encourages it to destroy everything it touches.
Late stage capitalism.
My response is that becoming a refugee is an over-reaction to say the least. It's overplaying the situation and underplaying what being a refugee would really mean. Migrating to Canada isn't ever going to be an acceptable response and I don't know why anyone would think that's the thing to do. If you think this is gonna happen, you live in your fantasy. They're gonna do all they can to strip your social mobility and right to live your life freely. Absolutely. But it won't come to physical containment, because they'll immediately lose any facade of pandering to american morality and values. You know this, so I don't know why you'd be this hyperbolic, but call my response to a well off person in one of the wealthiest countries on earth trivialising what fleeing a country really is about "disgusting". There's no reason for any American to leave America at this time. Everything that's wrong can still be fought by the democratic process of endless protests and responsible participation in reforming the model that obviously isn't working well right now. Make it a mission to get rid of the electoral college. Protest and vote towards that. make it a mission to get education back, so people aren't forced to be proudly anti-intellectual to feel like they're worth something. Work against the insane status-focus on University degrees. Vote in favour of universal healthcare and protest corrupt government where-ever it is in whatever way you feel you can. There are so many better reactions to the problems within America, than getting all melodramatic and by declaring you want to flee to Canada, you're indirectly comparing the woes you face, to the famines, wars, epidemics and actually oppressive regimes out there. The only reason you're disgusted with me, is because you didn't think to hold your own country up and compare it to the other shit places on the planet and realise that while you're not Scandinavia, you're also not Sudan. The situation in America is not one that warrants fleeing. It warrants reform. Or you could just stay disgusted at me. It's simpler, I guess. I'll just finish off by saying you're obviously not the one who has that family fled persecution, war and death... That would be me.
Fuck you, your system doesnt work and Im not just gonna vote to fix it.
If you ever want to leave the United States due to everything I would not advise Canada, because I'm absolutely sure a totalitarian American government would attempt to annex Canada for oil and arable land, especially after climate change really kicks in.
Can we agree that there are 50 states in America and that some of those are more progressive than others? can we also agree that it doesn't sound like childish hyperbole to move from one state to another? Moving from USA to Canada or Europe, which entails essentially resetting your life and cultural coding to conform to a different society and staying respectful of said society is kind of a big move and chances are we'll just find out that Americans can become as malcontent in different countries as middle-eastern refugees can be. Being a refugee isn't a fucking game or a snap-solution.
"They won't put Mexicans in camp" Sound familiar? We have children still going missing for daring to have brown skin. You think just because it's in the US it can't happen, when it very clearly can. I've done everything I can get get someone who actually represents me, and it's very clear to me that a frighteningly large amount of my state would prefer if I was dead. You are the one living in fantasy.
You are probably the same guy who would tell jews to just vote hitler out lol
Can Nato defend us from america
Son... You must convince your government to make mutated geese that are five times their size, and have beaks that can pierce composite armor. It's the only way.
Just a quick assurance guys, there would be no draft. Seriously, the military is an all-volunteer force and we intend on keeping it that way because it works far better than conscripts. So put a thought of a draft out of your mind, we have the manning for any conflict. We didn't draft for desert storm, we didn't draft for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Syria conflict, nothing since Vietnam. I'm not saying to not be concerned over a potential conflict, just don't be concerned about a draft.
A draft is only going to make a comeback if we get into some sort of conflict that requires the entire country to work for the war effort similar to WW2
You think you're clever and patriotic by saying that, but the reality is that America won't be worth either living in or defending if it reenacts the draft for something so petty as giving that retarded manbaby a power trip and sustaining his revenge fetish against Obama. If that happens, America will officially have become the Bad Guy. If that's the America you Republicans want to create without us gosh-darn LIBS hindering you, then you can go ahead and burn this country to the ground without throwing our bodies at your imaginary problem via conscription. You'll have destroyed our country in your hissy-fit, but at least we know when to cut our losses and bail, so we'll watch from the sidelines after moving to actually civilized countries while you can go say hello to the Nazis in Hell once it's over. You can bond over your mutual failures at building globe-spanning right-wing empires through military conquest in the name of some loudmouthed racist psychopath.
You think the US will be the only country that will be affected, or burn. Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE have been an internal influence for decades. An Iran war will have a ripple effect, that could bite, cripple, or catastrophically break civilized countries. Anyone on the sidelines might feel the affects for decades since this will involve multiple countries.
I think we haven't discussed the fact that Iran will be another Vietnam. Afghanistan is a gigantic festering insurgency fuckpuddle, And Iran has twice the population, and have actively trained to engage an invader with guerilla tactics. It has the same utterly defensible mountainous terrain as Afghanistan has, and as a country its more than twice as big. And an increasingly belligerent Russia has a direct line to supply the Iranians with Arms and ammunition across the Caspian sea. Those 120000 Us soldiers will be swan-diving into a fucking meatgrinder.
Putin's endgame with all this Trump business? Get an immature twit into the Oval Office, get him to invade Iran in a xenophobic fever, supply Iran with weapons so that the American military walks into a meatgrinder, invade the weakened and divided US.
I'm with you up until the Russian invasion plotline. That's not going to happen, the Us even if completely divided would still be a nuclear threat. It's also not necessary, the US can be pushed out of geopolitics just by letting them ram their heads against the middle east until they have so little international credibility and local political stability that they just collapse all on their own.
I get out of the army in three weeks. Please, for the love of fucking god, make sure nothing happens in that time. I definitely do not want to have to fuck around with this shit.
How would the US even 'win' a war against Iran? Get rid of the current leadership and install a puppet to the West? Because that worked REALLY well last time.
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