• Sen. Tom Cotton says war against Iran would be quick: just "two strikes"
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https://thinkprogress.org/tom-cotton-war-with-iran-b4a546589fbc/ Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) is confident that the United States would swiftly win a war with Iran, which he says will just be “two strikes, the first strike and the last strike.” That argument — that war would end quickly and decisively in American favor — is eerily similar to claims made by top officials advocating for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Cotton made the comments on PBS’ Firing Line with Margaret Hoover. In a clip of the interview, released Wednesday, Hoover asked Cotton about the “conditions or the circumstances that would justify going to war with Iran.” “Well if Iran struck out militarily against the United States or against our allies in the region, then I would certainly expect a devastating response against Iran,” Cotton replied. Cotton’s argument that it would just take two strikes to win a war in Iran has echos of the arguments touted by proponents of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At that time, many U.S. lawmakers and officials stressed that the war would end quickly, and democracy would be easy to install in the country. “We will be greeted as liberators,” Vice President Dick Cheney said on the eve of the invasion. Cotton is a notable hawk on Iran. While he didn’t say it in this interview, he has repeatedly called for regime change in the past. “The policy of the United States should be regime change in Iran,” he told Politico in 2017, while the White House was still creating its official policy on Iran. In this recent interview, he called the Iranian government “an outlaw regime” that he wished would “rejoin the civilized world.”
To be fair, the US did pretty much crush the Iraqi army, they fucked up the occupation of Iraq hard though
The US is about as fucked as it can be tbh
please don't fucking involve us in another war you fucking gop jizzdrinkers
No. Fucking no. Stop this insanity you corrupt suicidal sycophants. You fucking impotent, hypocritical, servile, spineless little fucks. Fuck a war with Iran, fuck the Republican Party leadership and its whipped dogs in congress, fuck Donald Trump, and fuck this spiral into autocracy.
Yeah, but two strikes is still ridiculously optimistic. Iran is much stronger than Iraq was too. I don't think anybody doubts that the US would win fairly quickly, but I still question why the hell they want to do this and what their plan is for after they win.
You're underestimating how committed Iran will be in the case of a total war Remember Iran Iraq war? Iran used religious zeal to push the iraqis back. They were willing to walk on landmines just to deny iraqis from gaining land. If the US goes to war, a shitload of soldiers will die.
On one hand, he's right. Iran's military would be totally fucked within a week. On the other hand, you're not going to occupy any country, whether they do or don't have a military, without problems, especially one that chants death to America every other week
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) Arkansas is AR, but I'll gladly let Alaska take this dirtbag. We don't want him.
We'Ll Be HoMe By ChRiStMaS
I really don't want to fuck Iran up. The region spanning from Syria to Afghanistan will be a unstable warzone held by a flavor of month extremist group. That whole area of the planet is going to be a wasteland.
The Republicans want to create a new ISIS because without ISIS existing they don't have an enemy to rally against
Does the US never learn from their mistakes?
The warmongers learned war is still profitable and they all got away with it scot free
Every time a Muslim (non Saudi) country starts making progress - even a little - the west comes along and blows them up. Specifically the republicans. Then they turn around and say “look, all of these Muslim countries are war-torn and decrepit! Clearly this is Islam’s fault. It’s our duty to keep these war-hungry people from expanding territory.”
Oh boy, doesn't this sound familiar. The fact of the matter is, sure, the US can probably defeat the formal military very quickly, just like with Iraq. However, the lesson that I think should have been bludgeoned into our skulls at this point is that the defeat of the country's actual military doesn't even begin to mark the end of the conflict anymore, especially in this region of the world.
God I hope our government has the sense to stay away if the US decides to start shit in Iran, without some dramatic event like 9/11 to rile people up there'd be even less support than there was when we invaded Iraq, which even then was hugely unpopular.
America is a faux country with twisted ethics and a false sense of freedom. It would be better if the rest of the developed world left us behind.
The US never made a mistake, it made a sin. This endless war isn't about terrorism or the greater good. We are imperialists. That's how this is.
Appropriate time for war pigs to be on the radio for me
I'm sure Sadam said the same thing, look how well that worked out.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEmI_FT4YHU This is going to be the worst mess the US has ever gotten into.
First, seriously fucking doubt it, this is clearly bullshit to convince people that a war with Iran won't be a bad thing, US soldiers WILL die in a war caused by the Republicans inability to conduct diplomacy. Second, then what? What the fuck is the US gonna do after they win? The US has a modern history of not knowing what the fuck to do with a country after they're done warring in it.
Remember when it was important not to let warmongerer Hillary get in and a vote for Trump was a vote for non-interventionism and bringing boys back home instead of letting them die in deserts?
We're pretty much becoming the aggressive nazi Germany type of super power. Felt like we always were the past decades since 9/11. Just that the illusion is gone, I grewed up as a patriotic immigrant kid thinking we were the good guys. More heartbroken then disappointed and mad then anything.
I'm pretty sure Iran has some considerable firepower now, if we attack them again then we're going to suffer a ton of losses that our administration would deem completely acceptable. We really, really can't afford to get into another war.
Oh boy I can't wait for Saudi Arabia's islamic extremism to go completely unchecked as it gets free hegemony over the entire Middle East. Iran isn't a virtuous country by any standard and has its own ties to terrorism, but at least it's a counterbalance of terrorism against Saudi Arabia's. I can imagine Shia Muslims living in completely fear no matter what country they live in in that region if Iran gets decimated.
But if we don't have a pointless war how is the poor GOP supposed to give their arms industry pals a nice fat payday and get some very necessary powermongering done with emergency wartime powers? I think you're being very unfair!
In practicality, there really is nothing left for them to power grab in this respect. The President more or less has 100% complete authority over the military and war.
They could rally against the country that is manipulating America with pro-fascist propaganda. attacking western values and is trying to insert it's influence on a superpower by taking control of one of the parti-oh wait.
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