• 'You Have to Be Where the Voters Are'Danish Politician Is Campaigning on Pornhub
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CNN reports that Pornhub receives 100 million daily visits, and Denmark is the website’s 28th highest source of traffic. I mean, even with ad blockers (not sure how widespread they are in Denmark but I can't imagine it being that different from the rest of the world), that's an easy way to reach a lot of people.
And adblock is disabled in incognito mode
“Joachim B. Olsen, a former Olympic shot putter and center-right Liberal Alliance party MP, took out an ad that said “vote for Jokke” on Pornhub, according to CNN. Jokke is a nickname for Joachim.” Why did they leave out the part that actually makes this make any sense? It was this: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185359/f69d7840-f404-48df-b405-b006e06d6ddb/image.jpeg Which makes it “when you’re finished masturbating, vote for Joachim”.
Only by default
It strikes me as really, really weird to want to go by the name Jokke in Denmark, given the uh... Reputation of the prince-of-that-title.
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