• The best candidate names in Australian federal politics, 2019 edition
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By day, Hugh Robertson is the mild-mannered label manager at ABC Classics and Jazz.  He exists in the sparsely-populated section of the cultural Venn diagram that's home to both classical music nerds and AFL tragics.  Every year, he produces the widely-read "Aussie Rules In Names Only" column in The Monthly, in which he combs through the names of AFL players seeking comedy and a different story. This year, Hugh has been kind enough to run an eye over the ballot draw for Federal Election 2019. ... Candidates for whom MP or Senator is a demotion Major Moogy Sumner, Andrew Pope, Harris Sultan, Catherine King, Lachlan Queenan, Lawrence Pope ... Vote #1 for the landed gentry Reginald Keith Wright, Paris King-Osborne, Huw Mostyn Kingston, Mark K.C. Moody-Basedow, Virginia Anne Thomas-Wurth ... Names that don't inspire faith in the candidate's leadership style... Mike Crook, Frank Rodolfo Nero, Nick Shady, Peter Killin, Brett Weary Names that do inspire faith in the candidate's leadership style... Nick Best, David Goode, Pam Wise, Yvonne Gentle And names that just ... well... Ian Goodenough ... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-14/best-federal-election-candidate-names-on-the-ballot/11107826 More in the article. Something a bit light-hearted for Polidicks, for once.
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