• UK to renationalise probation after 5-year privatised shitshow
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Now if they could just do the same thing for the railways...
If the Tories are renationalising something, they must've really, really fucked up; since they think the trains are still fine.
It's less them thinking the trains are fine and more them leaving it as is because it fits the Tory hands off, individualist philosophy. Whether it worked or not was an afterthought for them in privatising a lot of our services. They could care less that water or rail privatisation has been a disaster, they've ideologically succeeded.
But perhaps a pattern is emerging 2012-16 - Chris Grayling shits the bed as Justice Secretary 2019 - probation is renationalised 2016-19 - Chris Grayling shits the bed as Transport Secretary 2024 - ???????
What i want to know is out of all fucking idiotic, moronic, bat-shit fucking, blisteringly stupid things you could possibly nationalize- Why probation?
HS2 collapses (even though it already happened once and he had his mitts all over that one too) and the operating contractor for it gets LNER'd out of existence like Virgin Trains did? Who am I kidding those trains are gonna be like 90% people who are rich as fuck. It might even turn a profit.
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