• Yemen ceasefire broken as fresh fighting breaks out in Hodeidah
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/15/yemen-ceasefire-broken-as-fresh-fighting-breaks-out-in-hodeidah Speaking to the UN security council in New York, Griffiths warned the alarming intensification could wipe out the progress made in Hodeidah, as other UN officials warned of a cholera outbreak on the brink of the rainy season, the risk of massive oil spills into the Red Sea and an 80% shortfall in promised aid. Griffiths hailed the initial redeployment of Houthi forces from Hodeidah port, but told the security council: “War has a habit of trumping peace – its impact more corrosive than the positive impact of ending wars. We must not let war take peace off the table.” Griffiths was referring to the rise of violence in Yemen, as well as signs of major breaches of the Hodeidah ceasefire. The UN said on Tuesday the ports had been handed over to Yemen’s coast guard and the pullout was on target. However, both sides reported renewed clashes on Wednesday, a day after the Iran-aligned Houthi movement claimed a drone attack that Saudi Arabia said had hit two of its oil-pumping stations. Houthi-run media said pro-government forces had hit various parts of Hodeidah, including the airport, with heavy and medium weapons.
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