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Why the thread? Hey, so, since development is almost fully transparent with us now, and Layla delivering almost daily updates to us on discord, I have decided to make this thread so you can ask questions and for us, the users, to answer them. It is an effort to keep this subforum free of garbage and useless questions. I'll be also updating FAQ below to avoid duplicate questions Frequently Asked Questions: Q: When is S&Box alpha/beta/release coming out? A: Unknown. Q: Where can I follow development progress? A: Official S&Box discord or devblogs over here. Q: Who's working on it? A: The development team consists of Garry, Layla, Rohan and Willox. Q: Is this Garry's Mod 2? A: No. It shares the same base principle as Garry's Mod, which is to be an extremely moddable sandbox, it's simply too different to call it Garry's Mod 2. Q: Too different? What are the major changes? A: Well, it is developed in Unreal Engine 4, developing mods (addons) will be using C#, it will be able to import other games assets (if you write your own importer) into the game. But don't be worried, everything is moddable enough to bring it closer to Source, if that's what you wish for. Q: Is it going to be on Steam? A: Yes. Q: Workshop? A: Not confirmed. Q: Map Editor? A: There was/is one in works, whenever it'll be finished it's unknown. Q: I heard it might never release, is this true? A: Yes, there was this possibility, for Facepunch to keep this as an internal tool to develop future games in, but it's unlikely now to stay private, why? Because Layla created social media for it, like Twitter or official subreddit, this wouldn't make sense for an internal tool. Q: Current state of the game? A: Layla has developed 1 fully playable gamemode that basically follows the same ideas as "Suicide Barrel's", this has been achieved in under a week of development time! There's as well another one being developed, based on a video game called Wipeout. Last FAQ update: 17/03/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY)
I feel it's unfair to say it's not Garry's Mod 2. Technically, no it's not, but in essence and as to what it'll represent to players everywhere, it is. I know devs have insisted on not calling it GMod 2 for hype-suppressing reasons, but let's be honest.
Yeah, on the discord there are a lot of questions "is it gmod", we say "well no, but you're going to call that anyways so you might as well", thing is, it is just too different to call gmod, you see, calling it gmod would not only hype it up, but it would also raise false expectations of whatever happened in gmod will happen here. No, we got much more free hand to do anything we want, and it will raise a new bar for content creators everywhere, you'll see stuff that you thought were impossible in gmod, because they were. It has the idea of gmod, but in my personal opinion, it is everything garry's mod should have been, saying this, we have to keep in mind if garry's mod never released, we probably wouldn't have S&Box right now. You can call it a successor to popular Garry's Mod game, but certainly not Garry's Mod, it's simply so, so much more than that.
it's gmod 2 in the same way how portal is narbacular drop 2 it's a spiritual successor in a way, but not a direct sequel
Layla Mod
I hope VR support is still being planned. Garry mentioned in a few years ago
Layla mentioned that he is not interested with VR in any way and he actually doesn't sees any point, but he'll add bindings for us, mod developers to add in the support ourselves! So even if it doesn't ship with native VR support, we'll be able to mod it in ourselves.
Yo I love the work you've put into this. This is why I'm sad to say that there is a way bigger FAQ that it detailed and a lot of people worked into in. It's a pinned post in the discord: S&box FAQ
I have linked it at the bottom of the thread
Assuming this, though in a much more advanced engine, does end up being Garry's Mod 2 (even if you insist on not calling it that), what features for do you plan to have right off the bat to entice people who aren't programmers or modders? What, say, could a comic or machinima maker do that Gmod couldn't right from the start? Would they be able to have access to tools based on popular mods from Gmod right off the bat, like the stand pose tool and ragdoll mover (or similar tools)?
The map editor is still an unknown at this stage of development, we haven't seen much work on it lately, but it still is a possible tool available for players, which should be easier to grasp comparing to hammer. There possibly won't be much content at the launch - but gamemodes are being worked on right now - Like Sandbox, Wipeout, Suicide Barrels and so on. It'd say that it's fair to say that you WILL be able pose your characters in any way you wish, the tools you'd have to wait around few weeks (I'd say the most popular tools would be ported after a week to S&Box) and it'll bring it up to level with Garry's Mod rather quickly.
https://i.imgur.com/j26qgEK.png It IS gmod2. Correct your info!
Well, its neither a (half life) mod nor its made by garry (atleast not much) so it just wouldnt make sense to call it garrys mod 2
gmod2 boys
Will it have VR support?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2364/3b771d29-93d3-4b9e-a784-50aa4a3bdda8/Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 00.09.31.png
When the devs say there will be a native Source importer, do they just mean the HL2/CSSource/Portal/Team Fortress 2 era version? Or will it be able to import later games like Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and INFRA?
Supports up to CSGO
I'm in a TF2 mapping group and we've been talking about how useful a multi-user mapping program would be. Can something like this be done in S&Box?
It's the main thing I'm working on currently
Approximately, what would be the maximum size of a map possible?
Whole Gta San Andreas map has been imported into S&Box, the possible map size will be really, really large.
I have a few: -Can player models/NPCs have their own set of animations? (Ex. Crash Bandicoot) -Will the community be able to create game modes? -Can videos be put on surfaces? (Like creating a television)
Almost definitely yes Obviously yes Can't see why, yes.
Yeah this is going to be great, new engine, better graphics, sleeker games, ahhh its going to be ... oh wait... who will play such a game? Who will abandon 10 years of Garry's Mod just to play something that looks better. Cool, its better, but is it truly better? Inspiring people to abandon 1.35 million addons on a workshop so they can come and play a game that has nothing but sandbox? Garry's Mod is full of players, throughout its life time its had a fare share of makers, but its mostly players. People come home from school or work to chill or have fun on this infinite possibility game. Now that we are using UE4, with no Garry's Mod crossover support for addons (which really really really sucks btw) its going to be a shit hole. I am not trying to flame nor am I saying the game will be bad, but all I am saying is, to make a new game with literally nothing in it, then telling us to leave this wonderful game people have put a lot of time into... is not very smart. Also for developers like me who are just coding garry's mod for fun, its hard when you tell us all the content we created is going to go to waste, what I mean is that I will have to learn C++ and C# and EU4 engine code.. like im starting garry's mod all over again but this time there are no tutorials. But anyway, the hole idea of this comment was to get out the fact that this game will either die within a week or after a year have enough mods to sustain itself. Unless the idea of sharing mods isn't going to be a thing then this game is doooooommmmeeeed. Anyway, thanks, sorry if this was inconvenient for anyway. Jacob.
You are missing the fact that Garry's Mod itself also started with nothing but Sandbox.
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