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The new engine is going to rock. I'm also sure there is a group of intelligent people out there who have the smarts to: Create uasset and lua importers/interpreters Make replicas of UE4 tools.
Well obviously, but starting from nothing AGAIN is pretty annoying. Everyone is already use to how gmod is, just throwing players into another reboot is pretty painful.
Tough shit
me just learn how to use stick now expect me to learn fire???? brain hurt
The players will go to wherever the addon developers are. I imagine many addon developers are eager to try out the new engine and not be constrained by Source limitations. All it will take is a couple of addons that do things that many people wanted to do, but never could in Garry's Mod, and the players will start to migrate. As players migrate, more developers will too, and eventually, S&box will be as big or bigger than Garry's Mod. When you see all the shiny new addons, you are gonna forget all about how "annoying" it is to learn something new.
i believe it's nesseccary, sure it's a lot of progress in source garry's mod but the engine is 18 years old, running on 32 bit and severely limited.. source garry's mod will always be one of my favourite games no matter what but i really do think the game's concept needs a new engine, desperately
In all honesty modding as a cultural thing needs to be revitalized. I hope S&box can help with that!
This is just immensely stupid. Until S&Box comes about there's pretty much no competition to something like Gmod. It's literally the same core concept of the freedom to create and share stuff, but on a modern engine with better literally everything. If you're really feeling so nostalgic that you'd rather play on an engine that shits itself if 50 people are on a server at one time, just import your fav gmod assets into s&box and work with those. It's like this with everything new. "Why would we need a mobile phone? The wired one in my house works just fine. I'm so used to rolling the numbers one at a time"
I love the little demonstrations I've seen of a modular mapping tool. If we see a S&Box release, you can count on me creating some beautiful game maps utilizing photorealistic, 3D assets. I'm curious about terrain. In Hammer, terrain was done using displacements (which is very annoying and limiting) however in UDK it's done in a more sculptural way. Would we see terrain editing tools in a map editor? Maybe even like a Voxel / destructible terrain system of some sort? Or are those types of features less of a focus for development?
I saw a video where the model's rig was represented by bounding boxes (cubes). My question is, does S&box have some sort of in-game rigging mode where you use these boxes to rig models?
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